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Company Details

CS GROUP's mission is to be at the forefront of technologies to guarantee the safety of all in a rapidly changing world. The recognized expertise of CS GROUP allows it to intervene where the security issues are the most sensitive: defence, space, aeronautics, energy... And, also, where the answers are to be invented or reinvented, including: anti-drone fight, cybersecurity, satellite data processing

Job Description

The following responsibilities are foreseen (not limited to):

  • Contribute to the maintenance and development activities related to the Data Processing Systems/Application Software;
  • Contribute to the definition and design of architectures of data processing ground segments and their components, their interfaces, and the validation and verification methods;
  • Coordination/inputs to planning and preparation of releases;
  • Coordination with other Teams and/or Contractors to prepare introduction of new/upgraded components; as indicated by your Technical Officer;
  • Generation and maintenance of technical baseline documentation;
  • Contribute to the operations of existing data processing ground segments;
  • Participation in technical meetings and formal reviews;
  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements and identification, procurement or implementation of the tools required to fulfill them;
  • Setting-up and implementation of maintenance policies and procedures;
  • Perform routine tasks in operational systems under configuration control such as:
    • Anomaly investigations, documentation and classification;
    • Participation in relevant Anomaly Review Boards;
    • Follow up of the delivery of software resolutions for these anomalies;
    • Contribute to Configuration Management (change control practices);
    • Contribute to building and distribution of application software releases and patches;
    • Verification of correct facility installation for the assigned facilities;
    • Contribute to the development, integration and configuration management of software developed by third parties, its installation, and configuration and testing;
    • Perform software testing in a structured approach to verify that delivered software is fulfilling the requirements or to demonstrate that problems have been corrected;


Mandatory skills and relevant experience in :

  • Engineering of large, UNIX or LINUX based, complex, real-time data processing systems, including requirements specification, design, software maintenance or development, formal software testing and system integration;
  • Very good technical writing skills, in particular in the area of formal technical documentation (e.g. requirements specification and design documentation, test plans and procedures, maintenance procedures);
  • Source code control systems (e.g. Subversion, Git);
  • Software anomalies analysis, debugging, profiling, fixing and processing;

Additional skills and experience (considering as an added value) :

  • Operating systems and application software upgrades and/or porting to new platforms;
  • Object-oriented software design, implementation, and maintenance, including the use of UML/SysML based tools for supporting/documenting the design, at least at the architectural level;
  • Web technologies and programming (e.g. Apache, CGI, JavaScript, XML);
  • Programming languages (e.g. C++, Java, Python);

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