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Cyberprotected Intelligent Critical Systems Designer, Integrator

Your Profile:

  • Experience in ground station equipment handling
  • Experience in calibration procedures and organisation with external suppliers.
  • Use of ESTRACK Configuration DataBase (ECDB)
  • Knowledge of hardware and software for TT&C applications and their interfaces, including monitor and control
  • Knowledge of Telemetry and Telecommand, Networking
  • Experience in optical and photonic systems
  • Experience in Frequency and Timing systems
  • Knowledge and experience in data communication systems involving e.g. modulation, demodulation,
  • PCM telemetry and telecommand, communication protocols (TCP/IP, SLE), coding techniques, data processing
  • Knowledge of ECSS and CCSDS standards
  • Participation in Ground Station systems and subsystems related meetings to share information with other stakeholders
  • Preparation and presentation of the output of the services (analysis, finding, etc.)


The following responsibilities are foreseen (not limited to):

  • Technical requirements collection and definition
  • Technical solution review, analysis, assessment and validation during their development lifecycle
  • Technical supervision of development activities
  • Elaboration, proposition and presentation of new technical concepts to close technology gaps
  • Monitoring of applicable scientific and technological trends and maintaining state-of-the-art expertise
  • Performing technical calculations: e.g. free space optical communication link budgets, end-to-end and optical system performance, light detection with CCD, CMOS systems, optical communication receivers, timing jitter, phase and amplitude noise analysis, clock stability / Allan deviation
  • Reporting on allocated activities in writing and during regular meetings
  • Fostering new application areas for multidisciplinary activities, with the emphasis on innovative concepts, cutting-edge technologies and system architectures.

Your activities will primarily focus on:

  • ESA projects, programmes and general studies in the area of photonics and optical communications throughout all project phases
  • Feasibility studies, project reviews and technical evaluations
  • Optical communication ground station developments for near Earth and deep space communication
  • The IZN-1 robotic optical ground station on Tenerife
  • The 1st generation ESTRACK frequency and timing (F&T) distribution system & the 2nd generation
  • F&T project, transitioning from the radiofrequency system to the hybrid optical /radio frequency system.

Tagged as: ecss, zemax, estrack, strometric data reduction, raytracing analysis

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