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Intelligent & Cyber-Protected Mission-Critical Systems

Description of the Offer

Within the Space Business Unit, the FMO (Flight Mission & Operations) department designs, develops and operates for its space sector customers (CNES, ESA, AIRBUS DS, TAS) numerous computer systems for the ground segment of scientific satellites, Earth observation or telecommunications.

Our expertise in the ground segment is particularly applicable in the fields of Earth observation, Simulation, space mechanics, navigation and Control centers.

Integrated into the COO team (Center for Operational Orbitography) on the CNES site, you participate in all of the following daily and exceptional activities:

  • Operations support:
    • acquisition of location data
    • orbit determination
    • monitoring the quality of location measurements of the network of stations
    • contribution to monitoring atmospheric returns
    • follow-up of the launch phase and first acquisition
    • end of life, recovery of survival
  • Support for the maintenance of software dedicated to COO activities

Profile Required

  • Trained engineer or university equivalent (bac + 5), with a specialty in space mechanics, you have a first experience in the field of space mechanics. You also have a strong interest in software development.
  • You have knowledge of the following topics:
    • Space Mechanics: general laws, determination of orbit, orbit control, calculation of events in orbit
    • Principles of positioning and maintaining a satellite (GEO, LEO, MEO)
    • Ability to physically interpret simulation results
  • In addition, for the maintenance of operational tools, very good computer skills are expected:
    • Coding, development, tests
    • Integration, verification, software validation
    • Good knowledge of coding in the following languages: C and Python
  • With good interpersonal skills to work in a team, you are rigorous and independent.

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