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CS is a major actor in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems in Defense & Security, Space, Aeronautics and Energy sectors.


With 2,000 employees, CS GROUP is positioned as a designer, integrator and operator of critical systems of the highest order. Our European and global customers are major players in the Space, Defense, Aeronautics and Energy sectors.

Within the Space Business Unit , the Flight Mission & Operations department designs, develops and operates for its customers in the space sector (CNES, ESA, AIRBUS DS, TAS) numerous computer systems for the ground segment of scientific and observation satellites. earth or telecommunication.

Our expertise in the ground segment is particularly applied in the fields of Earth observation, simulation, space mechanics, navigation and control centers .

As part of the Operational Orbitography Center (COO) team on the CNES site, you participate in all of the following activities:

  • Operations support:
    • acquisition of location data
    • orbit determination
    • monitoring the quality of the location measurements of the station network
    • contribution to the monitoring of atmospheric re-entry
    • follow-up of the launch phase and first acquisition
    • end of life, resumption of survival
  • Support for the maintenance of software dedicated to the activities of the COO team


Engineer by training or university equivalent (bac + 5) , with a specialty in space mechanics, you have a first successful experience in the field of space mechanics . You also have a strong interest in software development .

You have knowledge of the following topics:

  • Space Mechanics: general laws, orbit determination, orbit control, calculation of orbit events
  • Principles of setting up and maintaining a satellite (GEO, LEO, MEO)
  • Ability to physically interpret simulation results

For maintenance activities of operational tools, excellent computer skills are expected:

  • Coding, development, testing,
  • Integration, verification, software validation,
  • Good knowledge of coding in the following languages: C and Python

Your qualities :
• Excellent interpersonal skills and team spirit
• Rigor, autonomy, initiative spirit
• Ability to analyze and listen

Joining us means:
• Benefiting from local management
• Progressing individually and collectively
• Developing in a flexible environment with a human and friendly dimension

Where are we located?
Our establishment is located in the Parc de la Plaine – 5, rue Brindejonc des Moulinais in Toulouse – near the Cité de l’Espace.
The site is accessible by public transport (Linéo 7 and Bus 37).
If you prefer, we will reimburse bicycle mileage allowances!

Interested? Share with us your CV and let’s add our talents!

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