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  • September 1, 2021

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Cyberprotected Intelligent Critical Systems Designer.


Explore a new universe of opportunities thanks to our unique program: CS BOOST .

We have designed this program for candidates, beginners or with a first experience, motivated and ambitious, like you . We provide you with a stimulating environment where you can learn to navigate modern cloud technologies . You will develop the new operational ground systems for future space vehicles in charge of the health of our planet or the exploration of our universe.

CS BOOST is: a structured training framework resulting from our CS ACADEMY program, concrete projects, continuous feedback and support from your colleagues, which opens the doors to the careers of experts or digital architects.

This first CS BOOST promotion will be devoted to technologies:

  • DevOps
  • Big data
  • Cloud

You will benefit from training created specifically to meet your professional project: the result of collaboration with an external training organization, it meets the needs of our projects which are based on these state-of-the-art technologies.

The program will start in September 2021. You will join CS GROUP on a permanent contract , and will follow a training course lasting several months alternating between theory and practice on your arrival . You will join the Space business unit teams and join project teams and competence centers with expertise in technologies.

By integrating open source cloud technologies, you will work on CS GROUP projects, such as:

  • Our new Data Intelligence and data fusion solution (spatial and others)
  • Our geo-information tools
  • Spatial data processing chains, developed on behalf of our customers
  • The space surveillance systems that we are putting in place in the context of space defense.

The technical environment that we invite you to discover:

  • DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, Keycloak, Kong …)
  • Big Data (Spring Cloud Data Flow, Apache Alluxio, Trino or Presto, Apache Ranger …)
  • Cloud (OpenStack, AWS, GCP, Azure, Ansible, Ceph, Golang …)


We are looking for our architects and experts of tomorrow!

Have you just graduated or are you going to be soon? Or do you already have a first experience in the development world?

Are you passionate about technologies related to DevOps, Cloud or Big Data? Curious to learn more?

Have you already developed professional or personal projects using Cloud / Docker / Kubernetes technologies?

These technologies intrigue you, arouse your curiosity, whether they are part of your area of ​​expertise or not, this experience is made for you!

We are looking for motivated, curious and passionate employees to join a training course lasting several months on innovative technologies in order to integrate our teams and our projects!

Who are we ?

Our Space business unit, with its 430 employees and their IT and business expertise (space mechanics, ground image segment, satellite embedded software), provides turnkey systems and engineering services for space and defense agencies, contractors and satellite operators, and players in space applications.

Why choose CS GROUP?

For our Expert sector which enhances your technical skills, our commitment to innovation with an R&D budget of 30 million euros / year, our societal and environmental commitments: professional equality index at 86/100, partner of the association They move , member of the planet Tech Care etc.

And of course : the possibility of teleworking, a co-optation program, complementary health, RTT, works council.

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