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CS GROUP's recognized expertise allows it to intervene where security issues are most sensitive: defense, space, aeronautics, energy, etc. And, also, where the answers need to be invented or reinvented: anti-drone control, cybersecurity, satellite data processing ...


We are recruiting an Embedded Software Engineer to join our Space business unit within the Skills Center On Board Software . Our Skills Center develops software on board satellites and has developed platform software (the heart of the satellites) for the entire Myriade range from CNES.

Our Engineers participate in all activities of the software V-cycle: software specification, design, coding and validation. We work as much for traditional players in the space sector as in the news space and know how to adapt to the different work contexts of our clients: start-ups, SMEs, large groups, institutions (laboratories, CNES, ESA).

Your mission :

You will work in whole or in part on:

  • The detailed specification
  • The definition of TU , TI and validation tests
  • The coding in C and unit testing
  • Testing in the broad sense ( writing of test procedures , execution of tests and analysis ) either on dedicated tools such as RTRT or on in-house frameworks based on Python, Robot Framework technologies, on an all digital, hardware or mixed bench
  • Possibly, the technical relationship with the customer

The technical environment:

  • Languages: C and Python. Knowledge of TCL and C ++ is an asset for your application
  • Design language: UML
  • Architecture of real-time applications embedded on bare – metal or RTOS
  • Concept of RTOS, BSP
  • Low level programming

Missions in other regions are possible if you are mobile and motivated (Grenoble, Paris, Montpellier, Cannes).

Who are you ?

With a Bac + 5 training, you have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in embedded software . You have a good foundation in digital electronics (processors, buses, etc.). Ideally, you are familiar with LEON, ARM ZYNQ, ARM R5 core processors and their hard / soft development environments. You ideally know the norms and standards of the space industry. Knowledge of the agile method and of development in a constrained environment (space, aeronautics, rail, etc.) is an asset for your application.

Do you like working in a team and taking initiatives ? Do you have a sense of service , excellent interpersonal skills and can read and write English ? Then you are the nugget we are looking for!

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