CUAVA PhD Scholarships

Company Details

We aim to fundamentally change the capabilities and applications of CubeSats, UAVs, and their instruments (plus those for larger satellites) for Earth observations, GPS, satellite communications, and space weather purposes; and progress these devices to create a major commercial value with wide applications across these and other areas.

Are you interested in a Research Career in the Australian Space Industry?

Applications are now open for a PhD and Scholarship with CUAVA, the ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs, and Their Applications.

We have both full and partial scholarships available.

Our scholarships can include:

  • Stipend or tuition
  • Funding for travel and research costs

In addition to independent research, a PhD with CUAVA includes:

  • Entrepreneurship courses and start-up exposure,
  • UAV and CubeSat flight opportunities,
  • 1 year placement with a CUAVA industry partner, and
  • Centre workshops and training.

What will you achieve with a CUAVA PhD?


  • Have a real impact solving problems that matter!
  • Earth observation & climate change
  • Monitoring marine systems
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Space weather
  • Developing new satellite and UAV hardware

…just to name a few.


CUAVA is a cross-disciplinary environment across both academic research, government and industry.

You will gain industry experience through placement with industry partners, and flight experience from our yearly CubeSat launch and UAV flights.


Hands on

You can apply your research to real problems and finish with practical experience, setting you up for a career as an expert in the field.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an emergent Australian Space Industry, and for your research to have real impact!


Scholarship Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying for a CUAVA scholarship, then following are instructions on the process:


Identify a Centre project that you wish to align with from the Project List.

Get in touch with the Project CI / PI to discuss the possibility of working on this project.   Contact details for all project supervisors are found on the project list or the CUAVA website.  If in doubt, please email to have your query directed to the right person.



Once you have made contact with the Project CI / PI, develop your research proposal in discussion with them.

Your research proposal should address the following:

  • Aptitude, interest, and/or experience in the project area,
  • Why this project is of interest to you,
  • What the detailed project is and how you will perform it,
  • What you hope to achieve in pursuing this project

This should be no longer than 1-page, and should include the applicant’s name, project number, and name of the participating CIs and PIs.  

Candidates must make contact with a Project CI / PI  to discuss and develop a research proposal prior to submitting an application. 



Once the Project CI / PI has agreed with your research proposal, Candidates must apply for 3 things simultaneously:

(Please note that for UNSW or Macquarie University applicants a different set of links apply.)

You will not be able to apply for the CUAVA scholarship without having also submitted an application for admission to a PhD at Sydney University.

Please read the requirements and conditions for application to each of these carefully, and ensure that you submit an application with all required documents.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

There is no deadline – applications will close once suitable recipients have been identified.

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