Company Details

LEADER IN space logistics and orbital transportation services

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Strong Experience in deploying, automating, maintaining, and managing cloud-based environments and familiar with AWS administration;
  • Strong experience of the use of command-line of the Linux based operating systems;
  • Strong familiarity with CI tools like Jenkins, ArgoCD, bitbucket pipelines;
  • Significant knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Strong familiarity with Git distributed version control system;
  • Strong familiarity with Infrastructure-as-Code using tools like Terraform;
  • Strong experience in debugging distributed applications potentially running in remote environments;
  • Experience in database systems;
  • Familiarity with monitoring and central logging technologies (For example ELK stack, FluentD, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.);
  • Experience in agile development methodologies (e.g., Scrum);
  • Knowledge about cloud security principles (security groups, secrets management, etc.).

Preferential Skills

  • Experience working with microservice solutions in a cloud-based environment;
  • Experience of bash shell scripting;
  • Experience in Python programming;
  • Experience with Cassandra databases;
  • Experience with Jira framework;
  • Experience in authentication and authorization mechanisms;
  • Experience with event bus technologies (e.g., Kafka).

​Professional Experience

​​At least 3 years of experience working as a DevOps Engineer or SRE

Full professional proficiency in the English language is mandatory.

Job Role

We are looking for a DevOps/ Site Reliability Engineering to join our team. You will work with the engineering team to build new features and improve upon existing ones. This role will contribute to architectural design and development processes, and to discussions involving technological choices. Make high-impact changes to production environments with the confidence of having a deep understanding of how the system works making the infrastructure reliable and scalable without much human intervention.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  •  Contribute to the entire services pipelines, focusing on the deployment of the existing and new services;
  • Contribute to the automation of the development processes;
  • Contribute to the automation of the deployment processes;

Tagged as: systems engineering, database systems

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