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Dawn Aerospace was founded to redefine near-space transportation.

As a Manufacturing Engineer, you will part of an elite team that designs and builds the industry’s next generation of satellite propulsion systems and suborbital and orbital spaceplanes.

In this role, you will help take designs from the drawing board to reality with our in-house manufacturing capability, predominantly operating 3 and 5 axis CNC mills as well as lathes, welders and other common workshop machines.

You will be given ownership of goals from start-to-finish and will operate with a great deal of autonomy. We believe in giving you the tools you need, then getting out of your way. You must have the desire and ability to work in a young company – if you want a smooth and routine role; this role is not for you. You must be resilient and agile. But you will have the opportunity to demonstrate extreme ownership and be part of an instrumental team.

Initially, this role will predominantly involve working with the design engineers to produce one-off components using CAM and CNC equipment, and other general workshop equipment.  Over time, this will likely expand to include ongoing manufacture of existing production components, training other users, and maintaining, improving and developing our manufacturing systems.


  • One-off work (manufacturing components for the R&D team):
    • Work with design engineers to review designs from a “design for manufacture” perspective.
    • Work with the design team to identify critical dimensions and tolerances and how these will be achieved.
    • Produce CAM programs – both 3 and 5 axis.
    • Use CAM simulation to minimize machining errors
    • Setup and run the programs.
    • Perform QC checks
    • Support other workshop users
  • Production work (manufacturing components for products we sell):
    • Run existing programs to produce existing parts
    • Complete and maintain production records
    • Work with Product Engineers to ensure designs are fit for manufacture.
    • Design new CAM programs, tooling, jigs and fixtures for new components
    • Develop manufacturing processes, and associated instructions and production record systems.
  • Staff training and upskilling:
    • Run our inhouse training of new staff on using equipment in the workshop (CNC, lathe, welder etc.)
    • Guide/support other workshop users with their tasks.
  • Maintenance and administration: equipment and systems need to be online and efficient to make good parts.
    • Upkeep of the CNC machines and other workshop equipment
    • Upkeep of tooling and other manufacturing resources.
    • Developing new systems to help make things quick and easy for yourself and other users.

Required experience

  • CAD experience (ideally Solidworks).
  • CAM experience – ideally HSMWorks CAM (or Fusion 360, or Inventor HSM).
  • CNC and manual metalworking equipment operation.
  • CNC and manual metalworking equipment fault finding and maintenance.
  • Good communication skills: be comfortable providing an internal service to multiple stakeholders in multiple teams simultaneously. Be proactive and good at identifying and raising concerns early. Work collaboratively to solve problems where design and manufacturing intersect.
  • Organisation: you will need to manage multiple concurrent schedules for one-off and production work.
  • Experience with documentation and change control.

Desired experience

  • Welding experience: Ideally, TIG welding stainless (DC), Aluminium (AC) and MIG welding.
  • PDM Experience: Ideally, you have worked with PDM and understand the importance of change control and good CAD file housekeeping.
  • Production process ‘design and development:’ ideally, you’ll be familiar with designing start to finish processes to produce components: from ordering, inwards goods inspections, manufacturing tasks, in-process inspection methods, and the instructions and records associated with all of these steps.
  • Training experience: ideally, you would have taught people how to use CAM software, CNC equipment, and manual metalworking equipment
  • Experience in Lean manufacturing, six sigma, ISO9001 and AS9100.

Not-so-fun fact: Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet about 60% of job criteria, women and other marginalised groups tend to apply only when they check every box. So if you think you have what it takes, but not sure that you check every box, we still want to hear from you. 

About Dawn Aerospace

Every week we see new companies coming to market, using space-based technology in new and exciting ways we had never imagined before. Our industry is at the same inflexion point the internet was back when we went from dial-up to broadband, but there are some significant hurdles to overcome first.

Dawn Aerospace was founded to redefine near-space transportation. Redefine how we deliver assets to space, position satellites on orbit and return things down to Earth to enable the vibrant and circular space economy of the future. To do this, we build scalable, accessible and sustainable spaceflight technologies – technologies that are sustainable for not just the foreseeable future, but the unforeseeable future.

Dawn Aerospace is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits any form of workplace harassment. Employment with Dawn is decided based on merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any other manner.


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