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Delivering hardware to space. Positioning satellites on orbit.

Dawn Aerospace is recruiting a Senior Airframe Designer to join our Mk-II spaceplane development team in the Netherlands. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to an exciting, fast-growing company in the aerospace industry and develop world-leading technology.

This role will contribute to all project phases for our spaceplane airframes and structures, including design, manufacturing, assembly and qualification. Your experience and good engineering judgement will be valuable contributors to design discussions and trade-offs. Your knowledge in the design/manufacture/test life cycle around composite aircraft parts will be of great value in bringing Dawn’s young and dynamic structural team to the next level. You’ll get the unique opportunity to work on both suborbital and orbital vehicles.


  • Design and analysis of our reusable launch vehicle system.
  • Development of airframe systems and components.
  • Requirements identification and definition.
  • Work together with other design teams to support the vehicle design process.
  • Interface management of vehicle subsystems.
  • Support the project management in project planning, scheduling and budgeting.

Required experience

  • 5+ years of experience in the design of complex aircraft parts.
  • Experience in working with multidisciplinary teams.
  • A degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering or similar.
  • Experience with the aircraft design process.
  • Experience in composite part construction.
  • Experience with computer-aided design, preferably SolidWorks.
  • Experience with FEA, preferably ASYS or similar.
  • Fundamental understanding of structural theory.
  • Ability to complete a design process from requirement to final part assembly.
  • Demonstrated ability to flexibly and positively deal with evolving project constraints.
  • Ability to filter information to focus on key aspects and maintain and close attention to detail.

Desired experience

  • Familiarity with aircraft design standards.
  • Familiarity with lightweight engineering.
  • Experience in testing components.
  • Manufacturing and production experience.
  • The ability to share your skills and knowledge with a young growing team.
  • Working in a geographically widespread team.
  • Demonstrated experience in effectively and appropriately balancing performance, resource use, risk, cost, and schedule.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Multilingual.

If you are reliable, approachable, not afraid to roll up your sleeves, and are excited by the opportunity to build a fantastic team, please apply using the form on this page. In your application, please be sure to illustrate examples of your best work and what this achieved.

About Dawn Aerospace

Every week we see new companies coming to market, using space-based technology in new and exciting ways we had never before imagined. Our industry is at the same inflexion point the internet was back when we went from dial-up to broadband, but there are some significant hurdles to overcome.

Dawn Aerospace was founded to redefine near-space transportation. Redefine how we deliver assets to space, position satellites on orbit and return things down to Earth to enable the vibrant and circular space economy of the future. To do this, we build scalable, accessible and sustainable spaceflight technologies – technologies that are sustainable for not just the foreseeable future, but the unforeseeable future.

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