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We’re building sustainable space transportation for the unforeseeable future. Do you want in?

We’re looking to grow a lot, doubling in size every year. We need more people on the team, but we also want everyone in the team to grow themselves. We need a people person to help us find the people, then help them execute at the highest level. You will ideally know how the best have done this and will know how to do it even better. Based in Christchurch, you’ll be the leader in helping us build an epic team across New Zealand, the Netherlands, and eventually the United States.


  • Global recruitment (sourcing, attracting, hiring, and seamlessly onboarding)
  • Internal communication with all stakeholders regarding new hires
  • Internal training (including overcoming unconscious bias) for all staff involved in the hiring process
  • Develop and implement internal training programs for the organization, building the skills of every team member
  • Manage performance reviews
  • DEI management and reporting


Required experience

  • Proven and strong experience as a Talent Acquisition Specialist or similar role, managing the recruitment process end to end
  • Knowledge of Talent Relationship Management systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Desired experience

  • Experience designing company recruiting, HR, and L&D policy
  • Sound understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practice
  • Good knowledge of New Zealand and the Netherlands Employment Relations and Human Rights legislation
  • You know engineering and can quickly establish a candidate’s engineering capabilities
  • Experience with an R&D heavy technology organization
  • Multilingual


If you are reliable, approachable, not afraid to roll up your sleeves, and are excited by the opportunity of building a fantastic team, please apply using the form on this page. In your application, please be sure to illustrate examples of your best work and what this achieved.


About Dawn Aerospace

Every week we see new companies coming to market, using space-based technology in new and exciting ways we had never before imagined. Our industry is at the same inflection point the internet was back when we went from dial-up to broadband, but there are some significant hurdles to overcome.

Dawn Aerospace was founded to redefine near-space transportation. Redefine how we deliver assets to space, position satellites on orbit, and return things down to Earth to enable the vibrant and circular space economy of the future. To do this, we build scalable, accessible, and sustainable spaceflight technologies – technologies that are sustainable for not just the foreseeable future, but the unforeseeable future.



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