Artificial Intelligence Expert for Earth Observation Applications

Company Details

Deimos Space was created in 2001 with the goal of delivering high-tech systems and engineering solutions in the aerospace field. The company currently employs more than 200 engineers, and has become one of the key players in the European space sector.

The engineer will work for DEIMOS Space UK (Harwell) and will contribute to develop components and applications that extract features from Earth Observation imagery (from satellite to aerial imagery, including UAV) to be used in GIS applications such as precision agriculture, urban mapping, solar farms monitoring, maritime applications… Nowadays, this kind of activities requires to use machine learning tools (neural networks and deep learning more specifically) in cloud environment.

The AI expert will contribute to the services4EO platform developed by Deimos in which more than 20 engineers are contributing across the company. The engineer will join the Earth Observation Application international team which is leading the way in the use of artificial intelligence for space activities. The engineer will work other AI engineers, GIS and remote sensing specialists. The AI expert will join as well the AI workgroup of Deimos which has 25 members.

The machine learning engineer will be in charge of designing, developing and testing state of the art deep learning models (e.g. CNNs) and processing chains for geospatial data in order to extract meaningful information from Earth Observation data. The machine learning engineer will also help the team for implementing finalised machine learning solutions in production environments and maintain them. Innovative solutions with machine learning will be sought, looking at integrating apriori knowledge in the neural networks, combining transfer learning, data augmentation and active learning to improve the quality of the results and the need of datasets. Smart solutions combining privacy, encryption and blockchain will be in the scope of technologies envisaged by the activities.

Occasionally the engineer may have to support the business development team for activities related to image processing and data science. The engineer will work in a team of other data scientists, managed by experienced engineers in Machine Learning, GIS and Image Processing.

Main Duties:

The candidate’s main duties include:

  • Design and develop geospatial data and AI pipelines that extract features
  • Development and testing of the components and interfaces in a Scrum team using continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Improvement and merge existing AI frameworks
  • Implement and test state-of-the-art deep learning models found in the literature, or develop custom neural networks when needed
  • Data preparation and analysis for machine learning
  • Keeping herself/himself up-to-date and the team with advances in Neural Network architecture research
  • Documentation during the development phase and the final product.
  • Coordination with the other team members who develop other Feature Extraction components.
  • Travel in Europe and outside Europe to support international projects and participation to conferences


A university degree in a technical subject, preferably including machine learning

Professional Experience: 

The required professional experience is:

  • More than 3 year, working with Deep Learning models
  • More than 1 year, working in Earth Observation image processing
  • Unexperienced engineer but motivated and with relevant education for this job position are welcome

Other relevant professional experience:

  • R&D work in image processing algorithms and traditional machine learning

Technical Requirements:

  • Good knowledge in Python
  • Excellent knowledge of machine learning pipelines
  • Experience with Deep Learning, preferably using Keras and/or TensorFlow
  • Experience with computer vision technologies; image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation
  • Experience with Earth Observation data (satellite and/or aerial, UAV)
  • Experience with GIS and image processing tools: QGIS, ArcGIS, ENVI…
  • Work in Linux/Unix environment
  • Microsoft Office suite (or equivalent) Excel, Word, Powerpoint

Not mandatory but useful knowledge

  • OGC web interface (WMS, WCS, WFS)
  • PostgreSQL, PostGIS
  • Eclipse
  • Git
  • Amazon Web Services, Virtual machines, Docker

Additional skills that may increase salary potential towards the top of the range:

  • Experience working with European Space Agency or other Space Agencies
  • PhD related to Neural Networks
  • Contributions to proposals to Space Organisations

Language Skills:


  • Speaking: High
  • Reading/Writing: High

Personal Skills:

  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Flexibility to work in new environments, new technologies or new types of work
  • Ability to work in several projects at the same time

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