Senior Software Engineer – Space Safety

Company Details

Deimos Space was created in 2001 with the goal of delivering high-tech systems and engineering solutions in the aerospace field. The company currently employs more than 200 engineers, and has become one of the key players in the European space sector.

We are seeking SW engineer (or similar) who is passionate about development of software tools in the SSA domain. The position is aimed at people who want to develop their professional career in the world of software development in a flexible, constantly evolving environment; and with proactive and motivated people.

The engineer will be working in the collaborative environment of the Space Safety team in growing UK branch of Deimos Space. Deimos space has been involved in the development of many widely used SSA tools. The engineer joining us will enjoy the possibility of working on space safety projects crossing the entire SST chain, from sensor development to tracking and characterisation of objects to risk assessment and mitigation strategy development.

Key functions:

  •  Technical Engineer on international projects with ESA, national space agencies, etc.
  • Collaborate in international projects as project engineer and/or responsible for technical coordination (partial or total)
  • Documentation generation in English for the customers
  • Requirements analysis
  • Design: Project Infrastructures (for development and/or validation), System, software, HMI or database (SQL or not SQL)
  • Software development including validation
  • Technical support in SSA proposals
  • Contribution to commercial/marketing activities

Depending on the experience of the candidate, other functions may be envisaged:

  • Technical lead and organisation of international engineering teams
  • Mentor junior members of the SSA division
  • Prepare and participate in the project milestones and reviews


MSc or higher in Computer Science or similar.


Required a minimum 3 years of experience in:

  • Software development with
    • Java with Maven in no maintenance task
    • SQL databases
    • Linux as operating system
  • ·Design and testing of systems or applications

Desirable experience in:

  • SW Development in one or several source code languages: Python, FORTRAN, C/C++, JavaScript, etc
  • Requirement analysis
  • HMI definition and implementation
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Design: System, HMI, software and/or database
  • Use and development with Docker, Kubernetes or another containers technologies

Further relevant skills also appreciated:

    •  New Technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Parallelisation platforms (Stacks con Kafka, Hadoop, …), …
    • Experience in documents generation, such as design and testing documentation.
    • Experience in SSA domain


Required technical skills:

  • Programming (Java, FORTRAN, python, Javascript and/or C/C++). Note Java in particular, is crucial to our work.
  • Operating System: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, etc.)

Interesting Technical skills:

  • Use and knowledge: Docker, Kuberntes and OpenShift.
  • CI/CD:  Gitlab Framework or Atlassian Ecosystem
  • Usage of Jira and Confluence
  • Usage of Git
  • Knowledge or experience: SonarQube, Eclipse, DOORS (or other requirement tool), UML tool, database solutions (postgresql, mysql, mariadb, oracle, …), testing tools (Junit, Selenium, …), IDE (eclipse, intellj, …)


Fluency in both oral and written English


  • Flexibility, to adapt to changing environments, coding languages etc.
  • Responsible, ability to stick to an agreed upon schedule
  • Proactive and committed to excellence
  • Ability to work both Collaboratively and Independently
  • Good Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Availability for work travel
  • Leadership ability
  • Good Communication skills

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