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At DEIMOS, we provide high-technology engineering solutions and information systems, for the space industry. Our areas of expertise include systems engineering, ground segment, mission analysis & design, onboard software, and others. We work in the fields of Science and Exploration, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness, and Launchers.

The Web Cloud developer will support the Deimos UK activities in three areas:

• Development of Web interfaces
• Deployment and maintenance of servers/dockers/VM in a cloud environment
• Support on local IT infrastructure

The developer will help to create web interfaces used in advanced Ground Segment Systems for satellite applications (no experience required in Ground Segment). In addition, the Web/Cloud Engineer will provide first and second line technical support to internal staff and communicate with the systems team in Deimos Spain to support the management the company wide IT infrastructures. This includes extensive use of virtual infrastructure in the cloud such as Amazon Web Service as well as other providers and local clouds.

The engineer will work in projects across the Space sector involving, Earth Observation satellite sensors, launchers, UAV, ground sensors.

At its core, this is a technical position suitable for an individual interested to go beyond a classic IT or Web developer role in order to support more complex and technical development and operational projects. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn new and enhance existing skills from a team of experienced developers, technical experts and project managers.

Main Duties:

  • Analyse and understand technical requirements in order to implement the Web interface in compliance with these requirements
  • Understand and convey complex technical information in simple terms in a User Interface
  • Develop Web interfaces in coordination with the technical manager
  • Coordinate with the IT team in Deimos Spain to fix day to day IT issues raised by Deimos UK employees.
  • Provide 1st and 2nd line support to internal employees – troubleshooting IT issues from in-house and third-party software to hardware such as PCs, Laptops, etc.
  • Install and configure servers and virtual cloud environments in Deimos UK
  • Develop a strategy to optimise the use of Amazon Web Services or other Cloud providers from a cost and data access perspective
  • Maintain the existing IT infrastructure in Deimos UK with a focus on data security and resilience
  • Take ownership of technical issues, follow up and communicate progress in a timely manner
  • Coordinate with the PDGS team to provide support for the developers as well as technical experts and project managers.
  • Producing documentation (stocktake, process…) of our IT infrastructure (local and cloud) software subscription and renewal in coordination with Deimos Spain
  • Define, apply recommendations and strategy for local/cloud security, data protection and resilience, in conformity with Deimos Corporate Management Systems ISO9001 etc.


A university degree in a technical subject, e.g. Computer Engineering, Data Science, Electronic Engineering.

Professional Experience:

Up to 3 years in an IT intensive industry, preferably Aerospace, Internet, Telecoms, Gaming or Banking.

Technical Requirements:

The candidate must be a generalist, capable of adapting to new software languages and technologies. Unexperienced engineer but motivated and with relevant education for this job position are welcome.

The candidate should have some, but not all, of the skills below:

  • Excellent Java and Python development skills, ideally demonstrated in commercial projects
  • Experience in REST web service development using: Spring, Spring boot framework.
  • Experience using Linux as the OS development environment
  • Detailed understanding of virtualisation, cloud technologies (preferably AWS), containers (Docker) and Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure (including Infrastructure–as-a-Service like Amazon Web Services)
  • Detailed knowledge of Linux and Windows OS’s, with particular focus on secure configurations
  • Operating System and Network Security in production systems
  • Network, System and Service Monitoring
  • Database platforms SQL and noSQL
  • IP and Networking

Any of the following skills are desirable (as experience or education level)

  • Experience using Vaadin Framework for web development
  • Experience using the JavaScript library Leaflet
  • Experience using AngularJS
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tool chains, Bamboo and Jenkins are preferable
  • Ansible and Configuration Management tools
  • Automated system build tools
  • Ruby, LUA, Shell or other scripting languages
  • Knowledge of Python application packaging
  • Source Code management systems, git is preferable
  • Agile and Iterative software development (SCRUM)
  • Automated documentation systems

Language Skills:

  • English:
    • Speaking: High
    • Reading/Writing: High
  • Useful but not necessary: Spanish

Personal Skills:

  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Flexibility to work in new environments, new technologies or new types of work
  • Ability to work in several projects at the same time
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Goal oriented
  • Self-motivated and capable to work with little supervision if required.
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