Doctor in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

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Arkadia Space is an in-space propulsion company, developing and commercializing the most performing chemical systems using green propellants, the real alternative to traditional storable propulsion.

We have an agile and bold approach to propulsion, and we want proactive and multidisciplinary professionals that help us shape a company capable of fulfilling our ambitious vision:

To enable mobility and exploration anywhere on the solar system

We want people that understand problems and can adapt to new challenges, that have the necessary humility that helps them and the company to improve every day, and that can thrive on a team built on trust.


This position will require a high level of autonomy and responsibility, as this profile will be leading the development of Arkadia’s green hypergolic fuel, to be used for combustion rockets using hydrogen peroxide of high concentration as oxidizer. Among others, the tasks to perform will include, but not be limited to: 

  • In charge of the development of Arkadia’s hypergolic fuels 
  • Preparation of fuel blends 
  • Coordination of external actors in research projects with national and international research entities and universities 
  • Support in laboratory analyses for fuel properties determination, including drop-tests 
  • Propellant qualification

Required competences:

  • PhD in Chemistry / Chemical Engineering; a PhD in other engineering branch (like liquid propulsion) with relevant experience in fuel / chemical developments can also be considered. The title must belong to, or be approved by, a Spanish institution. In the latter case, the approval process shall be finished prior to the position’s starting date 
  • Good knowledge in homogeneous catalysis 
  • Laboratory experience, among others, in the preparation and adjustment of solutions and colloids, but also with a strong emphasis in the analysis part, with experience in processes like titration, viscosity determination and other common lab procedures 
  • Fluent in English and Spanish 

Desired competences:

  • Previous experience in development of liquid fuels for rocket engines, especially in the field of green hypergolic propellants (based on hydrogen peroxide) 
  • Good knowledge in heterogenous catalysis 
  • Experience in modelling combustion and transport phenomena

Salary and benefits:

  • Indefinite contract, salary to be agreed based on experience.

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