DSP System Engineer

Company Details

SatixFy designs next-generation satellite communication systems based on in-house developed chipsets. SatixFy develops a line of satellite communication modems with Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronically Steered Multi Beam Antennas (ESMA) to support the most advanced standards, such as DVB-S2X.


Physical layer systems algorithm and firmware development role that involves working closely with system models to develop novel algorithms and capabilities in areas such as synchronization, self-calibration, beam-tracking, multi-beam multi- polarization control, equalization, supporting different antenna lattices etc

  • Enhancement of existing DSP algorithms and implementation of new algorithms in DSP
  • Work in close collaboration with other teams for design, development and commercialization of new features
  • Support testing and validation of algorithms and antenna performance in lab and field and be part of prototype and product demonstrations for clients.
  • Successful candidate should have demonstrable ability to lead projects and produce high quality technical documentation for internal and external purpose

Qualifications, Experience and Competencies:

  • 5+ years Systems Engineering or related work experience
  • Strong knowledge of wireless standards, radio, antenna and/or modem architectures
  • Good knowledge of digital signal processing techniques
  • Development experience with DSP and optimization of DSP codes
  • Firmware architecture and embedded software development experience using C/C++
  • Experience in working with system modelling tools such as Matlab and using scripting languages such as Python
  • Hands-on knowledge of test equipment (Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer etc), setting up and running automated tests
  • Self-learning capabilities, adapt to changes and study new technical fields
  • Effective teamwork and collaboration skills

Education Requirements Preferred:   Master’s or PhD, Computer Engineering and/or Electrical Engineering

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