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We simplify the adoption of geospatial data to understand the world better and to enable people to act in an aware and timely manner, to live better, and preserve the Earth.

Planetek Italia operates in many fields of application ranging from environmental and land monitoring to open-government and smart cities, including defense and security as well as scientific missions and planetary exploration.

We provide solutions and products for Earth observation with satellite, aircraft, and drone data. We deal with the continuous monitoring with satellite data of Earth’s surface, infrastructures, worksites, urban dynamics, or marine coastal areas in support of decision-making and operational activities. We develop on-board software for satellites and data processing solutions for ground segment infrastructures. Our involvement in research and development activities supports the human exploration of the solar system. We develop Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in compliance with INSPIRE as well as solutions for Smart City and complex systems to support decisions that exploit geographic information and Earth observation data, according to the new paradigms of Cloud and Software As a Service.

Planetek develops and integrates hardware and software infrastructures for the acquisition, processing, and distribution of remote sensing data along their entire chain of production: from Earth Observation to Deep Space; from the Space Segment to the Ground Segment and the User Segment.


You will make a difference through involvement in EO Data Science’s environmental, social and sustainable initiatives. You will be part of a team that loves to have fun, be innovative and do well in all areas of the organization. You will enjoy flexible working arrangements. You will have autonomy.

You will be responsible of the analysis of scientific data and of satellites’ payload data in general and you will contribute to the design of processing algorithms from raw to analysis-ready data till to added-value products and services.

Your duties will include:

  • Exploring the fields of big data analytics and AI applied to EO;
  • Strengthening links with the scientific community experienced in AI and big data analytics;
  • Establishing dialogues with emerging information technology players and start-ups to use their tools and know-how to benefit selected Earth science/applications topics;
  • Supporting rapid prototyping and benchmarking of innovative EO-based solutions using AI and other innovative IT.


You have a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and you have previous professional experience in a similar role, mostly in data analysis.

Specifically, you have skills in the following fields:

  • Knowledge of machine learning techniques and tools;
  • Experience in programming in several languages e.g., Python, R, JavaScript;
  • Mathematical modelling.
  • An essential condition is also the mastery of English and Italian languages.

Also appreciated:

  • Knowledge of geospatial big data analytics techniques;
  • Detailed knowledge of remote sensing and spatial science including:
  • Image manipulation and analysis;
  • Time series analysis;
  • Feature extraction;
  • Sensor types and their properties.

The ideal profile of the successful candidate is completed by seriousness and reliability, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent organizational skills, strong ability to work within a team to meet specific objectives qualitatively and quantitatively defined, excellent relational and communicative skills, proactivity. An appreciated characteristic is the ability to think outside the box and explore new avenues with natural curiosity and a passion for new subjects and research areas.


At Planetek Italia results are more important than time and our respect for people takes priority over their skills. Passion and responsibility are the qualities we value in our employees while ethics, professionalism, and availability are the elements that distinguish our work philosophy.
Choose us if you think that a company like Planetek offers you the opportunity to work with enthusiasm and if you believe you can make an important contribution toward developing a strategic segment for our company. We are looking for people who bring ideas to the table, aren’t afraid to take initiative, can offer a helping hand to their colleagues when it’s needed, provide thought leadership on innovations in EO and care deeply about our values and philosophies.

Your office will be located in Bari, Italy but remote activity is also provided.


At Planetek Italia, we know that great work isn’t done without a phenomenal team. We are always looking to hire the absolute best talent and recognize that diversity in our experiences and backgrounds is what makes us stronger. We insist on an inclusive culture where everyone feels safe to contribute and help us innovate.
We believe our people should continuously acquire knowledge and skills, so we are willing to provide you with everything that can help you grow: books, workshops, conferences, and training. Once we get to know each other, we will define your salary package together while also considering your needs.
What we can promise is opportunities, it will be up to you to make the most of them.


Tell us who you are, what you’ve accomplished so far in your career, and what your goals are for the near future.
Along with your CV, please provide us with a short note in reply to the following two questions:

  • Why would you like to bet on a SME like Planetek Italia?
  • Why should we bet on you?
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