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Company Details

Satellite Imaging. Geoanalytics. Insights.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • EarthDaily Agro makes agricultural analyzes based on a massive amount of medium and low resolution satellite images as well as weather data. As a Software Architect, you will oversee the design, development, quality, deployment and release of applications that use geospatial data and generate ready-to-use data for analysis or use by our customers. .
  • The applications run on a cloud environment that evolves very quickly, where performance and control of operating costs are essential.
  • The position requires a strong DevOps culture and operational experience of a micro-service architecture based on event sourcing.
  • The work is done in collaboration with members of other technical teams (data scientists, developers) and with other teams in the company (project managers, functional teams)

Your responsibilities will include:

  • The development and maintenance of shared libraries and services used by other teams.
  • Architecture and designs of developments or new applications, selection of the best technical solutions based on the requirements of the applications, the existing architecture, the technological environment and the operating costs.
  • Support and documentation relating to the developed applications.
  • Support and maintenance of useful tools for the project lifecycle and developer productivity (CI / CD / Guidelines).
  • Monitor and manage the operational phase of the application: deployment of the application, monitoring of operation, problems and performance, continuous improvement, optimization of performance and application costs.
  • Support for developers: implementation of training workshops, code reviews.
  • Technical watch on software improvements for components used in applications, including webinars and conferences. This watch should lead to recommendations to improve the development of the platform.

Education, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Skills in development: senior (10 years experience minimum)
  • Languages:
    • Required: C# .NET
    • Python is a plus
  • Development tools:
    • VisualStudio, GIT, TeamCity, Resharper, Octopus
  • Other technologies:Messaging:
    • RabbitMQ, Kafka, NetServiceBus
  • Databases:
    • PostGreSQL, MongoDB, …
  • Operational skills:
    • senior levelDocker, Kubernetes (AKS)
  • Event Streaming, Event Sourcing
  • Cloud environment and native tools:
    • Required: Azure
  • Recommended: AWS
  • Experience in the development of data processing chains is a plus.
  • English: fluent in a technical context to work with our colleagues abroad.

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