Algorithm Engineer II

  • Full Time
  • USA
  • Posted 4 weeks ago
  • U.S. Citizen or green card holder, or have asylum/refugee status in the U.S.

Company Details

Echodyne is 90 people creating breakthrough beam-steering radars for a range of existing and new defense, security, and autonomous machine applications.

Echodyne is seeking an Algorithm Engineer with expertise in algorithm implementation and testing to join its team working in an engaging startup environment building its next-generation RADAR platforms. The ideal candidate is a creative researcher who loves solving hard problems. They should thrive in an interactive close-knit team and have the motivation and experience to complete projects with minimal supervision.


  • Implement, test, and maintain embedded radar algorithms such as signal matched filtering, detection, tracking, classification, and system control.
  • Work with other engineers to find efficient implementations of algorithms that meet requirements.
  • Help develop and test algorithms in simulation environments.
  • Integrate and test algorithms in embedded radar systems.
  • Familiarity with electromagnetics, antennas, wave-propagation, and classical mechanics.

Required skills / experience:

  • Familiarity with common DSP algorithms including: FFTs and windowing, spectral analysis, linear and non-linear filtering, matched filters, peak detection algorithms, clustering, state-estimation and tracking, and classification.
  • Experience implementing and testing algorithms in scientific computing environments and as part of system simulations.
  • Proficient in Matlab/Octave or Python (especially NumPy).
  • Experience implementing algorithms in embedded environments.
  • Expert in C++.
  • Understanding of practicalities and time-space tradeoffs involved in algorithm implementation.
  • Understanding of code profiling and optimization techniques.
  • Good written and verbal communication.
  • Good code documentation.
  • Familiarity with electromagnetics, antennas, wave-propagation, and classical mechanics.

Desired skills / experience:

  • Experience with software development best practices, source control, developing software unit tests.
  • Experience with continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing. Experience with Jenkins automation server a plus.
  • Understanding of and experience with state-estimation filters (alpha-beta filters, Kalman Filters, Particle Filters), detection and tracking.
  • Understanding of the Fourier transform, its implementation practicalities, window tradeoffs, and time versus frequency domain representation of signals.
  • Understanding of information and signal sampling theory.
  • Experience with C/C++ numerical libraries such as Eigen and MTL4.
  • Experience with scientific computing (systems modeling, physics simulation, efficient computing)
  • Familiarity and experience with radar/sonar/ultrasound sensors.


Degree in computer science or engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, math, or physics. BS plus 3 years work experience, MS plus 2 years work experience, or PhD.

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