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DEIMOS is selecting a project manager to be integrated in the Mission Analysis and Navigation Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business Unit.

The work of the MAN Competence Centre is oriented to supporting the design of space missions from a mission engineering point of view (for both ESA and commercial customers), design software tools for mission analysis studies and do research in celestial mechanics and astrodynamics.

As a matter of reference, current DEIMOS activities comprise:

  • Interplanetary missions (planets, astronomy, minor bodies, etc.)
  • Earth and lunar missions
  • Planetary Defence
  • Formation flying
  • Autonomous in-orbit rendezvous
  • Space transportation systems and re-entry vehicles
  • Planetary entry, descent and landing
  • Functional engineering simulators (FES) to support the GNC design process, and real-time test benches (RTTB) for real-time performance assessment

Main Duties:

The following types of responsibilities are envisioned:

  • Manage projects with institutional and commercial customers in the frame of mission analysis and navigation
  • Allocate and manage resources in the MAN team
  • Lead and support the preparation of proposal and commercial actions
  • Provide expertise in the domains of interplanetary mission analysis and deep space navigation
  • Play an active role in fostering the consolidation of the engineering processes and promoting technology research, innovation and development actions


  • Required: M.Sc. in aerospace engineering

Professional Experience:

  • 10 years’ experience in space sector
  • Strong technical background in astrodynamics and navigation
  • Experience in project management and proposals preparation

Technical Requirements:

The following skills are required for the post:

  • Classical mechanics theoretical background
  • High knowledge of celestial mechanics and astrodynamics
  • Knowledge of optimisation theory and techniques
  • Knowledge of estimation theory and techniques

Language Skills:

  • Excellent level of English, spoken as well as written

Personal Skills:

  • High motivation
  • Initiative and autonomy to solve complex problems
  • Responsibility towards the customer and team mates
  • Willing to work in groups

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