Electrical Design Engineer, Deep Space PDCU

Company Details

A world-beating space systems group.

We are looking for a candidate who can join a small design team to develop, test, qualify and initialise manufacture a low-cost deep-space power conditioning and distribution unit.

You will be an instrumental member of a small team building out a full avionics stack product. The operation is new, based in Luxembourg as a spin-off of Deep Space Industries (California) and Bradford Space (Netherlands). Our team in Luxembourg will be kept small (~10 people) and will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deep- space smallsats and landers. You would take over the lead development and qualification of a power subsystem for this stack.

The operation will aim to blend of the responsible, high-quality engineering practices of traditional aerospace engineering while implementing the rapid iterative development methods and dynamic workplace culture of a New-Space style startup.

Essential skills:

  • Strong background in spacecraft power systems engineering
  • Good knowledge of power control technologies, parts, processes and manufacturers available
  • Practical experience with electronics design, build management, rework, and testing
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued:

  • Working knowledge of the space environment and spacecraft power systems topologies
  • Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the qualification process
  • Familiarity with voltage regulation, power switching and power measurement implementations
  • Understanding of the nature of, and mitigation strategies for, EMI.
  • Experience with GaN FETs for voltage shifting or load switching
  • Past work with medium power (100-1000 W) control projects
  • Working knowledge of spacecraft batteries and solar arrays
  • Competent software development skills (embedded C, VHDL and/or Python)
  • Build-for-test design, and hardware/software test campaign development & execution
  • Build-for-manufacture design experience
  • Familiarity with relevant industry standards (e.g. ECSS & IPC)
  •  Ability to build and rework electronics assemblies (including SMT soldering)
  • Practical experience running test campaigns (TVAC, vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures)
  • Relevant CAD experience (Altium or similar, and thermal FEA)

Key responsibilities:

  • Design, optimise, test and qualify a spacecraft power system for deep space missions
  • Contribute to overall avionics product design and ensure subsystem interoperability
  • Develop and deploy automated test methods and equipment
  • Setup manufacturing processes and procedures
  • Deliver to manufacturing stage, a performing product
  • Manage and maintain a development workshop and tooling

What we can offer in return:

We offer you the chance to develop a completely new type of modular power system that will enable a new class of deep-space missions. An opportunity to be a key part of exciting missions to the Moon – and beyond – launching in the near future. You would take on an influential role in a new, revenue-

generating company, with a mandate to focus on technical design and implementation on an aggressive development schedule featuring rapid hardware iterations. You’ll work closely with a seasoned power engineer who will help to develop your skills. And, of course, the position is in Luxembourg, a beautiful, cosmopolitan and welcoming country at the heart of Europe, and carries a competitive salary and performance-linked benefits

Duty station: Belval Luxembourg, with occasional travel needed

We would usually expect candidates to have 3-10 years’ experience in relevant fields. The role is open to candidates of any age, gender, orientation, that have or can get work authorization within the EU.

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