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The Role:

Working collaboratively with designers, developers and other digital professionals within a product team, you’ll create world-class products and services that meet the needs of real people, and equally, provide commercially successful solutions for their ur clients.

Working in partnership with clients and peers, you will lead and facilitate the full product lifecycle by employing a range of design and experimentation methods, qualitative data and quantitative insight to inform your thinking. You will be proficient in explaining why your chosen program of work is suitable in each individual context.

From problem through to a solution, you will continue to lead the design through production, experimentation and build ensuring the final product experience is delivered in line with the original vision to the highest standards of craft and utility.

You need to roll your sleeves up, but also be a natural leader and mentor.

Your position in the team means; juniors, peers and clients will be looking to you for guidance and design leadership.

Key responsibilities

  • Planning design research programmes – helping teams to plan and organise research objectives that can be broken down into methods to help the teams gather insight or make decisions.
  • Research mindset at code the product is to build, measure, learn – help embed continual research as part of build, measure, learn in product teams.
  • Joined up research approach work with other leaders and disciplines to ensure experimentation is part of Code’s design research DNA to create and test innovative approaches to user research and experience design.
  • Produce tools from the insight gathered you should help to develop the appropriate design deliverables and structures to inform product think.
  • Make effective decisions – use sound judgement, data, evidence and insight to arrive at accurate, expert and professional decisions and advice.
  • Collaborative – working with other disciplines and clients in your product team to define research programmes that enable innovative and effective product experiences.
  • See the big picture – Ensure your research activity is contributing to the wider product strategy and adds customer and commercial value.
  • Commercial experience design – balance user goals and business objectives with brand, time, budget, and technology.
  • Empathy – always forming and testing ideas, design ideas and solutions with the needs of real people in mind.
  • Client-centric – creating and maintaining good relationships with clients, as well as taking a role in new business development and pitches.

Skills, knowledge and experience


As a Senior UX Research Consultant, you will be comfortable with using different research methods as part of your own research programme. Calling upon a variety of past experience working across multiple clients where you have owned, adapted or pivoted your own research programme.

Consider your experience for the following skills:

  • Organising, selecting, planning and running qualitative and quantitative design research activities and drawing insight from research findings and creating appropriate research deliverables for your programme of work.
  • Facilitation: Ability to facilitate a broad range of progressive design research methods. For example, face-to-face interviews, observations, stakeholder workshops, remote sessions, etc.
  • Critical thinking: Desire and ability to interrogate a variety of sources when faced with a problem, always looking for answers beyond the obvious and producing analysis to a high standard to support product and service knowledge.
  • Communication: Delivering actionable insights in formal and informal settings and creating tools that ensure user needs are considered at all times to inform a product or service strategy.
  • Persuasion: Ability to convince stakeholders and team members of the value of user research and articulate how meeting user needs will deliver meaningful business results.
  • Peer review and critique projects throughout design and development for experience quality, usability, and business value.


  • Plan and conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Proficient at creating, planning and facilitating collaborative workshops with peers and clients to progress the product forward eg Prioritisation workshops
  • Knowledge of modern product management and development practices
  • Propose and test IA, taxonomies, navigation and key product journeys

Good to have

  • Specialist in areas like Brand, art direction and motion research
  • Survey writing skills
  • Leading and facilitating design sprints
  • Work with Product Owners to plan project activities and estimate costs



  • Self-leadership – be responsible and accountable for your own actions and growth. Ensure you are always seeking to improve your work and the world.
  • Design activity – be responsible for delegating or conducting appropriate design activity to drive the product forward.
  • Programs of work – Select design research methods and lead the definition of appropriate programs of work needed to meet any specific design challenge.
  • Insight culture in teams – Create, nurture and champion a continual insight-led approach within your product team. Ensure design has an equal voice to other disciplines.


  • Product direction – Collaborate and lead routines to help the team make strategic recommendations to drive the product forward in accordance to the product vision.
  • People – management and coaching of junior designers to facilitate their professional development.

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