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Space is closer than you think.

“Awooo, calling home” Are you really passioned about radio communication? Do you enjoy sending signals with the speed of light? How about doing it while moving with 30 000 km/h? Add vacuum, radiation, interference and huge temperature differences… Are you still here?

We’re looking for a Hardware Designer for our Communication modules, that is able to design multilayer high-speed PCBs, read and understand existing electrical schematics and create new, use high-end measurement equipment.

Essential Requirements

  • Digital communication system design experience
  • RF design experience
  • Minimum proven track-record of 5-years in HW design experience
  • Experience with high-density and high-speed design, signal integrity design techniques, and mixed analog/digital PCB design techniques

Main responsibilities

  • Analyze product HW requirements and draft plan for solving them
  • Read and understand existing electrical schematics
  • Design multilayer high-speed PCBs
  • Prototype testing and troubleshooting
  • Use high-end measurement equipment

Why Join?

  • Hard work
  • Tough engineering challenges & hard-core R&D
  • Work on unique space technology
  • Casual work environment & non-pretentious team
  • Chance to join our own space educational program
  • Opportunity to meet world-recognized space experts

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