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The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is responsible for the operations and service provision for the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems (EGNSS) EGNOS and Galileo. By developing a new generation of GNSS, Europe is laying the foundation for new high-technology industry development, leading to job creation and economic growth. These European flagship space programmes, which embody what can be achieved when Europe works together, are already bringing real benefits to people and business in Europe and around the world. The GSA Communications team is responsible for the provision of information, promotional activities, and outreach initiatives of the GSA in general. Among other things, the GSA’s communication activities focus on the development and implementation of communication strategies and initiatives that support the objectives of the Agency and its programmes.

The European GNSS Agency is looking for a Head of the Agency’s Office of the Executive Director (OED) who will be reporting directly to the Executive Director and assist him in ensuring an efficient and effective system of management of the Agency as well as effective corporate coordination and outreach, including relations with external stakeholders and institutional partners.


The  Head of the Agency’s Office of the Executive Director (OED) tasks and responsibilities will in principle include the following areas:

  • Assist the Executive Director in all aspects of the management of the Agency, in particular follow up corporate tasks and actions stemming from internal activities or from external recommendations, findings, etc.;
  • Coordinate the corporate activities and services under direct hierarchical responsibility of the Executive Director;
  • Steer, manage, and coordinate all activities of the Executive Director’s Office;
  • Coordinate the development and monitor the implementation of the Agency’s annual and multiannual programming in line with the Agency’s mandate and vision, follow up the execution of the tasks entrusted to the Agency with a particular focus on the new tasks, and ensure an effective and efficient performance management throughout the Agency;
  • Assess, advise on and support the consolidated annual report on the Agency’s activities, including the accounts and a description of how the Agency has met its performance indicators; prepare the submission of both the annual report and the assessment to the relevant stakeholders;
  • Propose organisational steps necessary to ensure efficient performance of the Agency’s tasks and functions;
  • Coordinate the preparation of speeches, slides and presentations as well as give presentations, and lead the drafting of editing of messages and notes for senior executive management;
  • Coordinate the elaboration of and contribute to the vision, content and planning of the strategy of the Agency;
  • Ensure a smooth, timely and clear internal communication flow between the ED and internal and external stakeholders of the Agency’s Administrative Board;
  • Provide support and secretarial services to the Agency’s Administrative Board;
  • Coordinate the provision of secretarial services to the entire Agency;
  • Support within the Agency a positive team spirit and ensure motivation, efficiency and effectiveness for added value and adhesion to the European Union values, ethics and integrity;
  • Take on additional tasks as required in the interest of the service.


The only means of submitting an application for this vacancy is through the GSA e-recruitment portal – by clicking  APPLY below, you will be taken to the GSA site.

Please submit your application, via the e-recruitment portal, by 23/03/2021 11:59 (Prague time)

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