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The range of our services span from supporting spacecraft operations to managing complex network infrastructure, to designing innovative software solutions.

Job Description

We are looking for a Ground Station Operations & External Interfaces Engineer with experience in providing services to the PRD department for the development and operations preparation of the J-CS Program focusing on external interfaces and ground station aspects.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

The main tasks and responsibilities of the key person shall include:

  • J-CS External Interfaces and Ground Station operations preparation activities.
  • Contribute to Ground Segment procurement(s) for the future programs (including acceptance and validation phase)
  • Review documentation and attend formal reviews as part of the procurement process
  • Contributing to and witnessing I&V testing for future programs
  • Definition, co-ordination and running of Validation tests Defining and implementing operational monitoring mechanisms
  • Definition and maintenance of operations documentation such as procedures, operations guides, SOF, ROP, COG, etc in accordance with the established EUMETSAT Operations Department configuration management and quality assurance practices.
  • Contributing to the J-CS commissioning plan for the Ground Stations and External Interfaces aspects.
  • Preparation of ground station reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the European Commission in the frame of the Copernicus Program.
  • Participation in, and provide inputs to, technical meetings and formal reviews.
  • Coordinate activities with other Service Providers in TSS, OPS and PRD departments.
  • Processing and coordination of system and ground segment anomalies (in particular, but not limited to ground stations), their  documentation, investigation, classification and resolution/mitigation, including participation in Anomaly Review Boards.
  • Provision of training, through written materials, practical demonstrations, and presentations, to other members of the Operations and Engineering Teams.
  • Assisting in day to day operations of current and future ground stations (including day-to-day planning, monitoring, first line anomaly investigations and generation of reports as necessary)
  • As needed, participate in and provide inputs for GSEI team meetings, operations morning meetings, ECP Review Boards, scheduling meetings and planning meetings.
  • Contribute to the routine operations of the existing MSG and EPS ground stations, as well as their future evolutions.

The Ideal Candidate:

This service comprises a range of tasks across a number of different departments within EUMETSAT so the Key Person will need a broad knowledge of operational ground segments and how the ground stations fit into the general scheme.

In addition to having a university degree in a relevant technical discipline or the equivalent work experience, the key person should also have the following mandatory attributes:

  • At least five years’ experience in a real-time spacecraft operations environment – preferably in an earth observation context.
  • Experience of the preparation and use of operational procedures, monitoring and documentation.

Finally, experience in any of the following areas would be considered an advantage;

  • Operations preparation and routine operations of Low Earth Orbit (‘LEO’) and/or Geostationary (‘GEO’) satellite systems
  • Procurement phase of ground segments for satellites, ideally in the Earth Observation domain
  • Experience in supporting altimetry satellite missions and/or associated ground segments
  • Document management and configuration control processes
  • Defining user interfaces for operations (HMI, reports etc.)

While the official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French, the working language for the position is English and therefore the Key Person must be able to work effectively in this language.

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