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As Launch manager, your role will be to implement this vision of a mothership able to host and transport satellite payloads within our SpaceVan™. You will work closely with our team composed of several talents and your main tasks will involve:

  • Definition of the end-to-end SpaceVan™ service: from contract to release in orbit
  • Lead the satellite payload integration campaign
  • Lead the SpaceVan™ integration campaign on the launcher
  • Lead the communication and the interface toward the customers
  • Partner with the launch providers to ensure compliance of the SpaceVan™ with the launch requirements
  • Sustain and expand the SpaceVan™ customer base with a clear and user-friendly interfacing of the service
  • Support the SpaceVan™ commercial team during proposals

In addition, your job may evolve on much broader tasks that includes:

  • Coordination with the strategic and business team to have a good market-fit
  • Possibility to be in a leadership position for the future of the SpaceVan™ project
  • Coordinating with the technical teams of our partners: subcontractors, satellite integrators and primes, ground infrastructure providers, agencies.

From its inception to the hiring and development of a complete team over the next few years, your position will address a large variety of roles pioneering a new kind of space transportation for small satellites. You will work in our offices in Toulouse or in Massy. Remote work is possible on a weekly basis (no full remote work). Our current team will support you in their respective expertise: space mechanics, operations in Toulouse and propulsion subsystem, transverse mechanical-thermal-electrical design in Massy. In your daily work, you will work with our current SpaceVan™ team, but also directly with our CEO, our Chief Scientist, and with our VP of Strategy and Business development.

Preferred Experience:

  • You are already an experienced professional with more than 5 years in the space sector, ideally in both for launch company and in the small satellites industry. You shall have an experience in satellite or launcher integration, and most specifically in mechanical engineering. Your experience should include some customer management activities focused on project delivery success. Within this project, the role will evolve from the initial studies defining the SpaceVan™ interface with payloads and launchers, to build an end-to-end launch service.

This role requires the following skills:

  • A very high degree of autonomy;
  • You are eager to build a customer-oriented solution associated to a lean internal process.
  • You want to work on setting up a launch service concept then expand the team to address the specifics and finalize the concept;
  • You have great communication skills, both writing- and speaking-wise;
  • You are proficient in English. Any other language is a plus;
  • You are not afraid to work in a changing and challenging environment;
  • You are willing to take measured risks;
  • You want to bring agility to space and develop new services based on high-level technologies.

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