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Exotrail is a space company based in France. We are developing mobility solutions for an agile space.

Our mission is to allow small satellite constellations to move in space, so that we can optimize their deployment, increase their performances and reduce space pollution. Thanks to this, a new world of telecommunication, Earth observation, and space exploration will arise.

Our mobility solutions range from highly flexible high-thrust propulsion systems for small satellites (ExoMG ™), mission simulation and operation software (ExoOPS ™), and orbital transfer vehicles (SpaceVan ™).

Exotrail launched in 2017 and has secured over 17M € from prestigious Venture Capital funds and public grants. Our team consists of 30 people who are passionate about disrupting the space industry. We operate out of two locations: Toulouse and Massy (a suburb of Paris).

This is only the beginning. Small satellites equipped with propulsion will be able to deliver new space services and will entirely disrupt the space industry by servicing, repairing, assembling, and manufacturing spacecraft directly in orbit. Join us and be part of our great ambition!

Job description

The objective of the work-study program is to support the person in charge of the information systems of Exotrail in his mission of Maintaining in Operational Condition of the IS and of setting up and monitoring new IS projects.

The ecosystem and the scope of intervention are as follows:

  • Supervision of equipment, systems, services, and APIs
  • VMware and multi-cloud environment
  • Orchestration of a park of several dozen VMs: Linux, Suse, Windows, and IaaC tools
  • Scripting (bash, Powershell, etc.)
  • User support (ticketing)
  • Drafting of procedures (internal DSI and for employees)
  • Automation, CI / CD
  • GPO, NTFS, LDAP rights (Windows Server environment)
  • Private internal network, VPN, firewalls, routers

Required profile

The work-study program contains a strong DevOps coloring (deployment, orchestration, IaaC), a good knowledge of an object-oriented programming language is a plus (Typescript, Java, PHP, etc.)

As Exotrail is multicultural, fluency in English will be required.

The “new space” movement – in which Exotrail is part – aims to bring agility and place innovation at the heart of the space industry. This ecosystem is conducive to initiatives while respecting the prerequisites of robustness and availability in order to ensure optimal Maintenance in Operational Conditions. The work-study student will therefore have to demonstrate significant curiosity and rigor.


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