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We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer. His or her main mission will be to improve and optimize the code of our thruster’s embedded software. The main functions and requirements of our system are the following:

Communication with the satellite and its subsystems (CAN, I2C, serial, SPI, …)

  • Housekeeping of the thruster
  • Safe reboot
  • Operations with a loss of communication
  • Fail-safe design

You will have to specify the hardware to use to implement your code. Your interactions with our electronics engineer and test engineer will be crucial to your work.

You will have to be a driving factor for good software development habits, especially in terms of Software Quality Assurance.

In addition to this main mission, you will be the company referee for software development best practices.

Preferred Experience 

  • Technical profile in embedded software development, with a significant and varied experience ideally from the space sector.
    Very good soft and presentation skills (technical documentation, assumptions, oral presentation). You must be able to work with a great autonomy.
  • Strong rigor in dealing with technical subjects and a high autonomy to work on your own in cooperation with a project leader and a system engineer.
  • English proficiency and a basic French level.
  • Strong reporting and organizational capabilities, and a desire to work with a very dynamic and ambitious team.
  • You should be passionate about space and entrepreneurship and ready to work in a very demanding environment – with the immense reward of being directly part of a very ambitious project!

About our recruitment process 

We are committed to recruiting the right people for the right job regardless of your private backround.

We meet at least three times in order to give you a better idea of what it’s like to work at Exotrail:
1. Technical interview with your future manager: You will learn more about the position and the required qualifications
2. On-site interview with HR and VP: You will discover your work environment and learn more about our culture
3. Interview with a founder: You can make sure that you share the same vision and values of the company

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