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End-to-end space mobility Exotrail is an end-to-end space mobility operator. Our mission is to enable small satellites to move in space, optimise their deployment, increase their service performance, and reduce space pollution.

Job Description 

We are looking for a Mechanical and Thermal Architect to join the In-Orbit Servicing team. The main role of this person will be to design, from start to production, to manage the production and the integration of the structure of the spacedrop™, a transportation vehicle dedicated for small satellites. This structure includes mechanical and thermal constraints.

The current team is composed of several systems engineers and experts working mainly on the first mission of the spacedrop™. Your role will be to provide the structure of the spacedrop™. This job requires to master all the steps from the initial design to production and assembly. Thus, it involves performing initial trade-offs, systems accommodation, initial and detailed CAD, design justification by simulation and tests, manufacturing, and assembly management. The work will be performed in close collaboration with the spacedrop™ development and operations teams at Exotrail.

At Exotrail, we are looking for talents willing to embrace a large scope of actions. This position requires candidates interested in developing their skills from deep technical tasks to project overview and management.

Your main tasks will be:

  • Design the thermal and structural architecture of the spacedrop™ in coordination with the team (systems, payload, propulsion, AIT, etc.)
  • Propose, design and build modular structures in regards with technical and business constraints
  • Perform analysis to validate the design and accommodation of the structure regarding mechanical and thermal constraints
  • Design specific mechanical parts of the SpaceVan™ in collaboration with the other teams
  • Manage the manufacturing, procurement and acceptance of mechanical parts and separation systems
  • Participate to the mechanical integration of the spacedrop™ spacecraft and payloads including the preparation of procedures in collaboration with other teams and customers
  • Participate to the testing and qualification of the satellite: environmental testing, system assembly, etc.

The spacedrop™ is a vehicle capable to transport passenger satellites and payloads to a specific destination in space. The spacecraft will be able to handle a payload capacity of several hundred of kilograms and to deploy them safely in orbit. The structure shall be designed to be at the same time stiff and modular. As the spacecraft will handle an important quantity of power considering its size, the thermal management might involve the use of heat pipes or heat sinks.

Furthermore, the spacedrop™ is a project that is moving forward rapidly and with constant technical and business developments: from improved structures to payloads dedicated to in-orbit servicing.

The evolution of the role of the Mechanical and Thermal Architect can be to focus on design of new concepts, to take a managerial position or to move to production.

You will work directly with the VP of In-Orbit Services and with the Lead Engineer of the In-Orbit Services team.

Preferred Experience 💁‍♀️

xotrail is looking for a mechanical and thermal design architect with hands-on experience on the design of complex systems, from initial design to the production and testing. Typically, the candidate worked on satellites projects and has experience in the design of structures for space applications.

The candidate has at least 5 years of experience.

In addition, and as importantly, the candidate must have the following mindset:

  • interest in highly technical work, from the high-level requirements to the final details for manufacturing and assembly
  • high autonomy and proactive attitude
  • pragmatism, risk-taking and accountable
  • good communication skills with fluent English
  • willingness to join the dynamic, vibrant, demanding environment of a start-up

This position is opened in our office in Massy (15km South of Paris) or our office in Toulouse (city center). Monthly travels between the two offices will be required.

About our recruitment process 🤝

We are committed to recruiting the right people for the right job regardless of your private backround.

We meet at least three times in order to give you a better idea of what it’s like to work at Exotrail:
1. Technical interview with your future manager: You will learn more about the position and the required qualifications
2. On-site interview with HR and VP: You will discover your work environment and learn more about our culture
3. Interview with a founder: You can make sure that you share the same vision and values of the company

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