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Firefly Avionics Mechanical Engineers will leverage their creative design and experience to develop electronics enclosures, mechanical components, integration hardware, and tooling for launch vehicles. Qualified candidates will be responsible for design, analysis, hands-on build/integration, and support of environmental testing. You will be part of the avionics team and will work closely and collaborate with all other teams across the company.


  • Design ruggedized electronics packaging and structural components for PCB assemblies used for launch vehicle and spacecraft applications
  • Design electro-mechanical assemblies for thermal and dynamic environments, EMI/EMC compatibility, and radiation resistance
  • Provide models, inputs, and boundary conditions for thermal analyses (steady state thermal and thermal cycling) of electronics in aerospace environments
  • Provide models and inputs for the structural analysis of electronics assemblies with mechanical/structural components
  • Performing thermal and structural analyses, simulations, and calculations
  • In addition to electronics packaging, candidate will be responsible for design of test tooling/fixturing and ground support hardware for launch vehicle and spacecraft electronics
  • Candidate will be responsible for development of 3D CAD designs, 2D GD&T production drawings, assembly drawings, and technical documentation including presentations and reports
  • Work with the PCB design team to specify mounting strategies, mechanical keepouts, hole size and spacing, RF signal resistance, PCB copper weights, connector type and placement, and thermal interfaces to the PCB assembly.
  • Ensure proper grounding and ground paths for avionics subassemblies.



  • Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering
  • 5+ years of engineering experience designing electronics packaging and electro-mechanical assemblies via internships, professional industry experience, or academia
  • 7+ years of 3D CAD design and drafting experience


  • Hands on experience with integration of electronics and cabling in airborne vehicles is desired
  • Proficiency with Autodesk products, NX, analysis tools, and ANSYS
  • Experience with multi-layer PCB enclosure design
  • Experience with various design features and calculations for mechanical packaging of electronics including vent analyses, EMI/EMC mitigation strategies, multi-component tolerance stack-up calculations, bolt load calculations, Steinberg PCB solder joint fatigue, etc.
  • Understanding of basic subsystems of a launch vehicle and how avionics integrate within the vehicle and interface with instrumentation
  • Experience designing for CNC machining and sheet metal production, as well as selecting appropriate materials and finishing processes
  • Experience with environmental analysis and test including thermal cycle, thermal vacuum, shock, and vibration
  • Understanding and knowledge of GD&T

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