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The Firefly Propulsion Manufacturing Engineering (ME) Team is responsible for the fabrication, integration, test, and delivery of the Reaver and Lightning engines to the Alpha vehicle. The individual MEs take profound ownership of engine components from the time the design is released to the delivery of a completed product. Propulsion MEs are makers, people who can take an idea on paper and turn it into a fully functioning component ready to fly to space.


  • End to end ownership of the fabrication, assembly, and check out procedures for propulsion subassemblies and full up engines.
  • Continuous process development and improvement with the aim of radically increasing production rate and substantially reducing cost.
  • Lead investigations of process failures and drive to root cause.
  • Own the development, test, and qualification of new production processes.
  • Participate in design reviews and provide feedback to the design teams.
  • Own the assembly and integration instructions and work with technician teams towards continuous improvement.
  • Develop and execute functional checkout procedures and processes where applicable.
  • Manage assembly build schedule and constantly improve accuracy by collecting and processing relevant data.
  • Work with responsible engineers to move hardware through the nonconformance process in an expeditious manner.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related technical field
  • Proven experience with complex assemblies, e.g. production in aerospace/aviation/automotive industries
  • Able to read and interpret technical drawings and assembly instructions
  • Proven experience with complex troubleshooting
  • Proven experience working in dynamic and evolving environments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to convey methodologies for assembly and troubleshooting
  • Strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills – Must be a team player
  • Proven experience with tasks requiring extreme attention to detail and prolonged mental concentration
  • Ability to thrive in high stakes, stressful, short deadline environments
  • Critical thinking and strong decision making ability


  • 2+ years experience or Masters Degree
  • Experience with modern manufacturing principles, such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Solid understanding of tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Prior experience with turbomachinery or rotating assemblies
  • Experience with hazardous material safety protocols
  • Experience with complex system assembly and hands on build experience preferably in space systems or aerospace applications
  • Experience with writing assembly procedures or documentation for mechanical, electrical, or structural systems
  • Experience writing test plans, procedures and identifying pass/fail criteria on systems.
  • Knowledge of data analysis packages (Python/high level Excel) preferred

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