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Tube Fabrication Technicians work closely with Fluid Systems Engineers to ensure that the build process is being performed to according to the instructions. This work primarily includes the fabrication of complex fluid system assemblies. We are hiring for a range of experience levels from entry level to highly experienced and we encourage all interested candidates to apply. This position is located at our rocket production facility north of Cedar Park, in Briggs, TX.


  • Fabricate and install hydraulic, pneumatic and propellant tubing
  • Follow work instructions for assembly tasks
  • Clean and passivate hardware using means such as solvent/chemical, mechanical, ultrasonic, and precision cleaning methods.
  • Safely work with hazardous systems, containing chemicals and/or high pressure
  • Be able to hand fit and tack weld parts together with TIG welding as required
  • Ability to visually inspect welds and verify quality utilizing borescopes and other inspection methods
  • Develop weld schedules for various systems and components
  • Setup, operate, and maintain orbital tube welding equipment
  • Cut and prepare all tubing and fittings used in welding operation
  • Perform hydrostatic and pneumatic test per operational instructions
  • Maintain a clean work environment



  • 2+ years of orbital welding experience
  • 3+ years’ experience in aerospace or related fields
  • Experience with AWS D17.1 and or similar fusion welding or orbital tube welding specifications.
  • Ability to use standard mechanical tools, fabrication shop equipment (band saw, grinders, and drills, etc.)
  • Capable of using precision tools to accurately measure tight tolerances (calipers, height gauge, scales, etc.)
  • Ability to read and understand aerospace 2D/3D drawings
  • Basic knowledge of Siemens Team Center and its products.


  • Familiarity with tube fabrication (bend, flare, fittings, etc.) and pressurized system safety
  • Experience measuring and inspecting tube assemblies using a vector measuring machine
  • Working knowledge of a variety of tube/fluid applications including GN2, GHe, hydraulics and cryogenics
  • Knowledge of various fittings such as National Pipe Thread (NPT) and AN fittings
  • Experience cleaning tube systems to aerospace or medical standards
  • Certification from an orbital weld training program
  • Tube bending experience
  • Prior experience fabricating, maintaining, testing, operating or inspecting aerospace mechanical components or fluids systems.

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