Working Package Propulsion Fuel System

Company Details

A trailblazing solution for point-to-point air cargo transport. Our goal is to develop and industrialize a unique 60 tons Large Capacity Airship, dedicated to freight transport. This solution will embark disruptive technologies addressing world challenges: low environmental impact and low operating cost. Above all, this project currently gathers more than 100 passionate who represent the aviation great pioneers of our time.

To develop, manufacture and sell this major aeronautic innovation, we welcome the best talents, regardless of their age. Our project is on track; if you are an open-minded and rigorous pioneer ready to innovate, if you are one of those people who believe that a cohesive and passionate group can give life to a ground-breaking project, come and rise to the challenge with us!

Core Mission & Responsibilities

  • The IPT propulsion department is responsible of the architecture, the industrial consortium deployment, the development, and the certification of the 4 Megawatts Hybrid distributed propulsion system of the LCA60T airship. The palette of activities proposed within the team is very broad from architecture, design, to project and program responsibilities and are distributed all along the life cycle of the project (development, industrialization, engineering test, first flight, certification, entry into service). The objective is to get a flying machine for 2023 and certification in 2024. The department is key for the overall project success, and we are a united, dynamic, and very enthusiastic team willing to go to fly as soon as possible.

Within the Propulsion Department, as Fuel System work package responsible, you will be in charge of:

Defining the architecture of the Fuel system:

  • Identification and analysis of the different needs on his perimeter
  • Propose functional scenarios.
  • Allocate performances.
  • Install his system in the overall airship.

Define de design of the system:

  • Build physical modelling of the system (Hydraulic & thermal)
  • Define and pre-size the components (fuel pump, fuel tanks etc…)
  • Propose a control strategy and functional interfaces

The second role is mainly MOA activity (Product Owner, PMO) and will break down into several activities:

  • Identification of the industrial partners or subcontractors
  • Lead the RFI/RFP process
  • Specification definition and buyoff
  • Support the contract process.
  • Be the focal point with the suppliers to follow-up technical aspects as well as project management activities (deliverables, costs, quality).
  • Lead the program milestones achievements.

The objective of the job position is to well understand the expectation, propose the best system based upon his constraints and ensure validation and verification of the specification he has built. Knowledge on basic architecture, hydraulics, fuel systems, thermal management, physical modeling, basics on structure, basics on installation, basics on safety, basics aerothermal knowledge are requested for this job.

Education & Skills


  • Engineering Grade or equivalent Master Degree (on-going) in Aerospace field
  • A master’s degree in aeronautics, space, submarine or mechanical
  • Professional experience or good knowledge of aircraft fluel systems ATA28 and hydraulics/thermal management
  • Experience and/or good knowledge of control commands, certification, qualification, and fire protection strategy
  • Experience and/or good knowledge in RTCA-DO-160G/DO254/DO178
  • Knowledges on CS-25, CS-23, CS-E
  • Use of software such as Matlab, Simulink, Simscape and CATIA are a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • You are goal oriented and face challenges with passion.
  • You are willing to do technical work and to engage with partners.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with different departments.
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