Space Thermal Engineer

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As an experienced Space Thermal engineer, you will be able to undertake the following:

  • Understand the thermal requirements of our clients projects
  • Derive and define clients projects thermal design aspects
    Provide the design and engineering team with the required thermal constraints/conditions
  • Be able to perform two types of thermal analysis: hand calculations (to get a quick feeling on the thermal behaviour/performance) and thermal modelling/analysis using ESATAN TMS.
  • Thermal testing


  • Aerospace / Space degree covering thermal engineering or relevant experience
  • Deep theoretical knowledge of thermal aspects (conduction, convection, and radiation)
  • Knowledge of materials, thermal coatings, thermal fillers, isolators, and their practical use
  • Knowledge of thermo electric devices usage (Peltier elements)
  • Ability to pinpoint the important aspects/drivers in a thermal design
  • Experience with simulation tools and techniques is highly desirable
  • Ability to deal with the following applications:
    • Complex mechanisms
    • Large mechanical structures
    • Fluid experiments that need to be cooled/heated and thermal gradients to be installed where very good thermal uniformity needs to be achieved (these are usually glass liquid cells build into a small mechanical assembly)
    • Satellite structures
    • Electronics boxes
    • Electronic board assemblies
    • Fluent English in required

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