Expansion of Graphical User Interfaces for Optical Ground Stations

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Free Space Optical (FSO) communication not only overcomes the bandwidth limitations of RF systems, but also offers power efficiency, security and high data rates compared to their traditional counterparts. The Quantum Communication Systems Group together with other optical communication systems groups at the Institute of Communications and Navigation have developed flight terminals and ground stations. Currently, the ground stations are running several software applications which control and monitor various aspects of their operation.

The main goals for the advertised work are:

  • Updating the underlying GUI Library
  • Evaluate usability of current GUI layouts and improve accordingly
  • Update affected unit tests

Your qualifications:

  • Study of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or similar
  • Hands-on experience in C++ programming, the Linux operating system and graphical user interfaces
  • Familiarity with the Qt library is advantageous

Tagged as: linux operating system, c programming

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