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Leading manufacturer and supplier of cubesat & small satellite

In this role, you will report to the Platform structure Product Owner and Lead mechanical engineer in the team, which together with a small handful of other mechanical engineers, are responsible for the mechanical and structural design in the Product Development Platform Department. These will naturally be your closes colleagues. Furthermore, the team consists of members of the other technical disciplines mentioned above. The work execution is organised in a SCRUM-like fashion, where we follow a two-week sprint rhythm with a focus on stepwise value generating deliverables and achievements, as well as self-management and autonomy of the individual. For this to work beneficially, it is on one hand necessary that the management (project management, product owners, SCRUM-masters, etc.) takes responsibility for the high-level scope and priorities, and on the other hand, it is a huge help both for you and for us if you thrive with identifying, breaking-down, structuring, and organizing own work.

Socially, we strive towards an open, honest, and friendly atmosphere where you are allowed to disagree and where humour is used a lot. Throughout the company we have a wide mix of nationalities, maturity, genders, and, as mentioned, technical backgrounds, and we enjoy it like that.

Example of tasks in this job

  • Design mechanical parts and assemblies from requirements, standards (such as ECSS), and in-house guidelines.
  • Create and maintain 3d CAD models of these, including geometrical representations of electrical components and sub-assemblies.
  • Create and maintain 2d and 3d documentation for the sub-supplier manufacturing of our customized parts.
  • Create and maintain BOMs, 2d, and 3d documentation for the in-house assembly processes.
  • Write design descriptions for in-house use.
  • Conduct and/or support the verification of a design proposal in relation to the requirements. I.e., by setting up tests, and by supporting or performing hand calculations and computer simulations.
  • Support and train our in-house manufacturing when new parts or products are introduced, and if/when issues in the ongoing manufacturing arise.

We are looking for candidates with all or some of the following qualifications

  • Relevant technical knowledge obtained via education and/or professional high-tech experience.
  • Professional experience with design of machined precision mechanics including tolerance analysis and technical documentation.
  • Knowledge about material selection, metallurgy, surface treatment, and manufacturing processes.
  • Experience in CAD systems (such as SolidWorks and PDM). Experience in PDM administration is a plus.
  • The ability to perform hand calculations and simple FEM simulations is relevant, though not essential for this role.
  • Previous experience from the space- or aerospace-industry is an advantage but not a requirement.
  • Likewise, is experience with mechanical design around electrical systems an advantage.
  • A good understanding of physics is a big plus. Being able to think beyond our down-to-earth experiences but still within the limits of physics is often necessary.
  • Fluent in English on a professional level (please write your application in English). Danish can sometimes be helpful, but not required.
  • You must possess quality awareness, be self-critical, and deliver solid work.
  • A reasonable level of self-management is necessary for you to thrive and succeed in this role.

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