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Leading manufacturer and supplier of cubesat & small satellite

As an AOCS Engineer at GomSpace, you will wear many hats in the world of control, software and hardware. Your work area spans from development of solutions to delivery of satellites. For development you will perform analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of spacecraft attitude determination and control systems for our CubeSats. For delivering satellites to customers you will select AOCS solution and support configuration, testing, and troubleshooting of spacecrafts in lab and in orbit, at customers and for customers.

The Job Incluces the Following Set of Tasks:

  • Design AOCS solutions, integrate and test spacecraft AOCS components and algorithms for customer specific missions and spacecrafts.
  • Customer engagement, discuss requirements and agree solutions with customers
  • Specify, evaluate, and select spacecraft attitude determination sensors and actuators to customer specific missions and spacecrafts.
  • Interface with the Systems Engineering team to define architecture and spacecraft design based on required spacecraft attitude determination and control system performance.
  • Perform simulation and development in e.g. MatLab, Simulink, C, C++.
  • Develop AOCS software including software components for use with GomSpace qualified components and Customer provided / selected components.
  • Deliver AOCS documentation tailored to customer specific missions and spacecrafts.
  • Support integration, testing and troubleshooting of AOCS components and software into spacecrafts in Cleanroom and in orbit.
  • Participate in the evolution of GomSpace spacecraft AOCS architecture including components and systems that provide high pointing performance solution. Develop and maintain technical reference documentation for GomSpace spacecraft AOCS architecture definition, design, and development.

We expect the Employee to Have the Following Qualifications:

  • Relevant technical knowledge obtained via education e.g. within Control and Automation (preferably MSc level or higher) and/or professional high-tech experience.
  • Good understanding of CubeSat/spacecraft attitude determination and/or control systems.
  • Recent participation in projects developing space hardware and/or software (preferably spacecraft attitude determination and/or control).
  • Knowledge of spacecraft attitude determination and control system components such as IMUs, star trackers, reaction wheels, and reaction control system.
  • Interest in spacecraft propulsion systems.
  • Programming proficiency in one or more programming languages is required (e.g. C, C++, Python, MatLab etc.)
  • Proficient in working with Linux based systems.
  • Hands-on experience with programming microcontrollers is desired.
  • Preferable knowledge in spacecraft system engineering
  • Able to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Experience in customer facing and explaining complicated technologies in easy understandable terms.
  • Fluent in English on a professional level

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