Graduate Embedded Engineer

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Welcome to the next generation of space operations. Bring your organisation out of the stone-age and experience the cutting edge in space mission software.

Graduate will work with groundstation hardware and software interfaces, field devices, machine-cloud connectivity and more.

Candidates will have an Electrical / Electronics / Mechatronics / Computer Engineering degree with experience in PCBs, sensor driver design, and some experience with networking.

Embedded C, Python, and PCB design experience are requirements. C++ and Signal processing experience (SDR, GNU Radio, etc) highly recommended.

FPGA familiarity, orbital mechanics, radio skills a bonus.

Australian Citizenship Required.

Ready to apply?

We look for:

  • Engineers, tinkerers, and builders.
  • People who are passionate about space.
  • People who are not afraid to make mistakes.

We have a rolling admission scheme. Have the following:

  1. CV or Resume.
  2. Portfolio of prior work (code samples, thesis etc).
  3. Semifinalists are contacted and scheduled for a Skype interview.
  4. Finalists are invited for technical testing.
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