Exploration Science and Research Support Scientist

Company Details

HE Space is a leading contracting company specialised in providing managed services and human resources to the space sector. We employ space experts in the fields of engineering, science, operations, software development and administration. Our employees contribute towards every major European space programme.

HE Space is a successful international space company. For 40 years, we have been supporting our customers with qualified experts in the field of engineering, science and administration.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

As part of the team, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Establishing and supporting a user community, engaging them in science definition activities and preparing the establishment of a formal Science Team;
  • Generating science and research objectives and requirements;
  • Supporting the supplier team led by the Project Manager / Technical Officer in establishing a technical baseline and system requirements that address the science and research requirements;
  • Iterating those requirements during studies and in consultation with users in response to the technical work performed;
  • Supporting benefit management as the benefit owner for all science and research benefits;
  • Assessing the technical baseline, system requirements and performance against the science requirements in reviews;
  • Preparing the Science Management Plan;
  • Leading or supporting research activities which support the development of missions and system concepts and requirements;
  • Preparing and coordinating Announcements of Opportunity, Peer Reviews and Selection processes for Experiments, Science Teams, and Projects;
  • Supporting in the management of science teams and preparations for science operations;
  • Preparing science operations and science data pipelines for scientific utilization;
  • Supporting science operations activities;
  • Ensuring that scientific data is made available to the community and supporting its utilization;
  • Initiating and supporting research activities which aid design and implementation;
  • Post operations support to users of the data, which is made available through the ESA archive.

Skills & Experience

You will have the following qualifications and relevant experience:

  • Science PhD in a relevant discipline from a recognized Institution;
  • Strong documented experience in coordinating scientific activities and teams and effective communication;
  • Demonstrated expertise in the individual science areas and projects related to:
    • Science of Mars (e.g. Mars atmosphere, geology and geophysics)
    • Science of space resources (e.g. experimental chemical processes for production of materials or oxygen from extraterrestrial materials);
  • Fluency in English is mandatory; knowledge of another European language is an advantage.

Our benefits in the Netherlands

We offer competitive compensation and our benefits packages are customized per location to better match local needs. Here in the spotlight are 3 of them for our employees located in the Netherlands.

Relocation support

Financial Support for your relocation expenses and the company organizes and pays for one month’s accommodation.

Pension Scheme

All our employees  in the UK fall under a pension scheme. HE Space contributes to this pension scheme.

Training & Professional Development

Your individual training needs are important to us, and we support your attendance at conferences, e-learning, conventional group and individual classes .

If you think you have what it takes for this job, please send your CV (in English and in Word or PDF) to Leandros Foteinias, by clicking on the button “Apply for this job” quoting job NL-HP-4960.

An exciting and dynamic international working environment awaits you!

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