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Image Processing Engineer / Data scientist for Satellite Applications

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Job Description

Deimos Space UK

The engineer will be based in DEIMOS Space UK (Hardwell) and will contribute to develop components and applications that extract features from satellite and aerial imagery for use in GIS applications such as agriculture, land use/land cover, urban mapping, change detection, object counting. The engineer will be in charge of designing and developing image processing tools used in Earth Observation applications in different domains.

Increasingly, this activity requires to uses machine learning tools (neural networks and deep learning more specifically) in cloud environment to achieve this. It means the engineer will have a second hat of data scientist for the team, helping to prepare and analyse the data used and produced by the processing chain. For example, non-imagery data from GIS systems or from ground sensors can be used by the application for training, validation and performance analysis.

Occasionally the engineer may have to support the business development team for activities related to image processing and data science. The engineer will work in a team of other data scientists, managed by an experienced engineer in Machine Learning and Image Processing.

The engineer will work in a small SCRUM team (3-5 people, depending on the project) with a certified SCRUM master.

Main Duties:


  1. Supporting the design of the processing chains and helping improving the existing ones
  2. Developing tools to process Earth Observation data and other sources of data used in the view of extracting features or analysis
  3. Developing and test Neural Network architectures from the literature and create new ones derived from them
  4. Preparing, processing data for machine learning algorithms
  5. Generating reports using data analytics to analyse performances
  6. Writing the documentation that describes the tools (design document, user manual…)


  • Design of Features Extraction components and interfaces
  • Development and testing of the components and interfaces in a Scrum team using continuous integration
  • Data preparation and analysis for machine learning
  • Keep up-to-date herself/himself and the team with advances in Neural Network architecture research
  • Documentation during the development phase and the final product.
  • Coordination with commercial partners who will use the components to develop their own services or will provide data to our systems
  • Coordination with the other team members who develop other Feature Extraction components.
  • Travel in Europe and outside Europe to support international projects

Education: A university degree in a technical subject

The required professional experience is:

  • More than 1 year, working with image processing and features extraction tools
  • More than 1 year, working in Earth Observation image processing
  • Unexperienced engineer but motivated and with relevant education for this job position are welcome

Other relevant professional experience:

  • Development within AGILE teams (SCRUM)
  • R&D work in image processing algorithms and machine learning

Technical Requirements:

  • Experience with GIS and image processing tools: QGIS, ArcGIS, ENVI…
  • Good knowledge in one programming language: Python, Java
  • Knowledge about image processing algorithms, classification, object detection
  • Work in Linux/Unix environment
  • Microsoft Office suite (or equivalent) Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Not mandatory but useful knowledge
    • Machine learning
    • Neural Network architectures (CNN, GAN…)
    • OGC web interface (WMS, WCS, WFS)
    • PostgreSQL, PostGIS
    • Eclipse
    • Git/SVN
    • Amazon Web Services, Virtual machines

Additional skills that may increase salary potential towards the top of the range:

  • Experience working with European Space Agency or other Space Agencies
  • PhD related to Neural Networks
  • Contributions to proposals to Space Organisations
  • Experience of using aerial or satellite imagery data
  • Experience with commercial classification tools: Erdas, eCognition…

Language Skills:


  • Speaking: High
  • Reading/Writing: High

Personal Skills:

  • Communication and collaboration skills
  • Flexibility to work in new environments, new technologies or new types of work
  • Ability to work in several projects at the same time
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