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Specific business content

  • Contribute to project planning: define project scope, provide information to secure necessary resources, and plan detailed action plans
  • As a communication hub between the client and the engineering team, we hear feedback and requests from the client about the project and accurately convey it to the engineer.
  • Organize the survey results and data reported by engineers, summarize the information and contents required by the client, create a project report, and report it to the client.
  • Facilitate communication within the engineer team and ensure that development is progressing towards the right goals based on priorities
  • Contribute to risk mitigation by anticipating potential risks and pitfalls and taking necessary actions according to priorities
  • Coordinate the handoff process when the project reaches the closing phase and prepare the delivery to the client

Ideal candidate

  • Those who can think honestly and flexibly, are full of empathy for others and are full of spirit
  • Those who are pleased to see that the people around them can demonstrate their abilities and produce excellent results by supporting themselves.
  • Those who read the context and think from the standpoint of others
  • Curious, passionate about learning and learning new things
  • Those who are entrusted with things and find it worthwhile to take responsibility and produce results properly until the end
  • Those who are fond of high-quality deliverables and can pay attention to every detail
  • Those who are good at logical thinking and can find a solution in the process instead of the person when a problem occurs
  • Those who are delighted to organize chaotic data and put it in a format that is easy for the other party to interpret.
  • Those who can enjoy uncertainty, volatility, and ambiguity

If these are the case, why don’t you talk about it casually as well as exchanging information?
We value freedom and independence above all else, so we continue to grow healthy without the involvement of venture capital.

Why this role is important for Incubit

At Incubit, deep learning experts from all over the world are constantly researching and developing their own deep learning techniques.
Therefore, major companies and research institutes in various industries receive daily consultations on solving industry-specific problems using these technologies.
Against this background, we are looking for a project manager who will lead the client and in-house team for “projects” that are expected to increase further.

Required experience and qualifications
Language skills

  • Japanese native
  • English ability (reading, writing, speaking) that enables smooth communication by building good relationships with engineers and other team members whose official language is English.

Business skills

  • Over 2 years of experience in similar occupations such as project manager and direct involvement in software development
  • Understanding the life cycle of software development and delivery methods
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with team members
  • Mentality to carry out work as a responsive and collaborative team player
  • Good judgment and ability to handle time-sensitive work
  • Ability to plan and do things and pay attention to details
  • Experience of being involved in various projects, learning new things, and carrying out work independently
  • Those who have the ability to organize a huge amount of data, arrange it in a format that is easy for people to interpret, and tell a story
  • Familiarity with the following software tools: PowerPoint, Excel, Word

 It is still possible to have it

  • Experience in customer-facing occupations (enterprise, B2B customers preferred)
  • Experience learning new tools and software in a short period of time
  • Analytical skills and skills and experience related to data science, business intelligence, or data analytics
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, speaking)
  • Experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds and playing various roles in a speedy company
  • Big data analysis experience

Unnecessary qualifications

  • AI project management experience
    • You can learn AI-related project management after joining the company
  • Programming skills

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