Insurance Procurement / Insurance Risk Management Business

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A leading energy company with a world field

Job description

The following operations related to insurance arrangements required for domestic and overseas projects in each phase of exploration, development, and production

  • Global insurance / project insurance (domestic / overseas) arrangement strategy planning / operation management, with insurance companies / insurance brokers Contract condition negotiation, insurance broker performance management
  • Agreement formation on insurance contract conditions with internal related departments, preparation of in-house insurance arrangement approval document
  • Project risk analysis, review of insurance and liability clauses in various contracts, with contractors negotiations support
    management of
  • Captive management company, contract recorded, financial, insurance premium payment management
  • Business processes, rules and regulations, continuous improvement of the standard contract template, construction and management of the system required for the insurance risk management, various audit support

Qualification requirements
Required application requirements

Insurance-related work experience 3 to 5 years or more Must have product knowledge related to large-scale corporate insurance and 3 years or more experience in any of the following fields.

  • International Insurance program / overseas re-insurance arrangements
  • Captive insurance company of the operation and management
  • Project risk analysis and insurance arrangements
  • Domestic large-scale enterprises insurance insurance arrangements “of

Desirable experience and qualifications, etc. of and large-scale enterprise property insurance business Experience

  • International insurance program / Knowledge of overseas reinsurance arrangements-Knowledge
    of captive insurance company management
  • Project risk analysis-Experience of insurance arrangements-
  • Knowledge of ERM and risk finance-
  • Experience of expatriate

English ability

Meetings and negotiations in English Level at which there is no inconvenience in business communication at the time, review and creation of materials such as contracts in English

Not applicable to children or siblings of our officers and employees


  • Individually determined according to our regulations, taking into consideration salary experience, age, and ability.
  • Salary increase (once a year), bonus (twice a year)
  • Working hours
  • Flex time system (domestic regular workers and day shift)
  • Standard working hours 7 hours 25 minutes / day / holiday / vacation
  • Full weekly two-day system, holidays, company founding anniversary, year-end and new year, annual paid leave (according to our standards), condolences, special leave, refreshment leave system (10 years, 20 years, 30 years) Year)
  • Welfare / Education
    • Various social insurance, property accumulation savings system, employee shareholding association system, employee club, welfare facility, recreation activity, welfare agency service, maternity leave / childcare leave system, reduced working hours system, single dormitory / rental for householders Assistance, etc.
  • Work-at-home system
  • `You can work from home up to 4 times a week.
    • For employees working at the head office, technical research institute, Niigata Teiseki Building and Naoetsu area

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