Senior Field Service Engineer

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Prime Purpose

  • The primary focus of the role is to support Intellian customers in the field by performing installations, configurations and repairs of all our products.


  • Attend on-board services to install, configure and repair Intellian systems efficiently, timely and successfully.
  • Assist Intellian dealers with technical enquiries and attendances on vessels.
  • Assist coordination team with work orders and vessel schedules, including liaising with port agents and vessel crew prior to attendance.
  • Able to troubleshoot, diagnose and evaluate operation of product.
  • Work with subcontractors, dealers and end-user customers for evaluating technical product related topics.
  • Solve day to day case management. Input cases in CRM and track via customer inquiries from phone, email, etc.
  • Update and input accurate data in CRM with ensuring CRM accuracy.
  • Analysis and repair of products returned to Intellian facilities.
  • Limit failed or return of required jobs by maintaining a high success rate.
  • Adhere to all safety regulations, perform risk assessment and maintain required PPE.
  • Complete and provide RMA forms with stock returns for inventory management.
  • Creation, updating and completion of work orders in CRM with clear and concise service & expense reporting in a timely manner (within 24 hours of job return)
  • Development of documentation for troubleshooting and knowledgebase
  • Assist other departments, such as, but not limited to; product demonstrations, product recommendations, document or knowledgebase creation and onsite training.
  • Deliver scheduled dealer product training at Intellian facility.
  • Documenting and reporting any technical concerns to management or internal Quality and R&D teams.
  • Training new Intellian technicians whom start in future.
  • Travel – Ability to travel at very short notice anywhere globally.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent.
  • At least 3 years’ experience working on 3-axis KU, KA and/or C-Band stabilized marine antennas.
  • Maritime/Sat-com certification; GVF, NMEA, MEI, Manufacturer training
  • Maritime or offshore Experience.
  • Strong understanding of RF technologies.
  • IT Network troubleshooting skills; DHCP, TCP/IPv4 & v6, Sub-netting, routing, etc.
  • Strong mechanical skills and ability to use hand tools for long periods.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in person and using email or telephone.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills of the English language.
  • Must be comfortable working alone
  • Able to travel at short notice
  • Able to lift/carry tools and spares, climb ladders, masts, rigging, etc.
  • Comfortable working in industrial environment and at height.
  • Good personal safety awareness and hazard avoidance.
  • Strong Organizational & documentation skills.
  • Great team player and positive attitude.
  • Excellent computer skills, including Word, Excel, Outlook and Google Docs. Generally, Technology savvy.

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