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Intermediate Systems Engineer

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MDA is a leading provider of large land information solutions for the land administration domain including the management and provision of land and property ownership information, land title registries and digital cadastral mapping solutions for medium to large jurisdictions. Land Administration involves the range of systems and processes that apply localized rules of land tenure. Supporting the functions of Surveying and Mapping, Land Registration, and Land Valuation, these information systems provide the foundation for stable investment, efficient government, and property tax generation. Our customers are worldwide, but include a strong presence in BC.

The systems being developed have a client/server architecture and will be used by both back-office staff and directly by customers via a customer web portal. Our systems are high-availability production systems with large-scale client/server architectures. Usability, reliability, performance and client productivity are key.

MDA is seeking a proven System Engineer that leads the system engineering activities required to establish detailed technical baselines for our systems and drive these systems through to successful delivery and into operations. The successful candidate should have experience in all phases of a large software system and understand what it means to apply the system engineering discipline to each phase of the life-cycle.

The successful candidate has experience with high-availability systems, deployed within an enterprise client/server architecture, supporting large volumes of geospatial data, business rules, and a large workforce. The candidate is ready to join an agile, fast moving project team that makes adjustments daily to deliver on our commitments and provide the value our customer expects.


As a System Engineer for Land Administration Systems, you:

  • Establish and demonstrate ownership in all phases of the life-cycle for large software systems.
  • Conduct working sessions required to complete the detailed elaboration of the technical solution. Complete the artifacts required to establish the technical baselines that support system construction. This requires:
    • Refinement and validation of the concept of operations for the system.
    • Translation of the high level solution into detailed, traceable, systems requirements.
    • Elaboration of workflow models, use cases, story maps and user stories.
    • Elaboration and capture of the user experience design.
    • Identification, definition and control of system interfaces.
    • Identification of strategies related to change management and system adoption.
    • Creative application of expertise in the engineering specialty disciplines of reliability, maintainability, availability, security.
    • Completion of structured reviews against each technical baseline.
    • Aligning technical scope with plans for system development and test.
    • Collaboration with the customer regarding change control over each baseline.
  • Support the system as it moves through development, testing, acceptance and into operations:
    • Maintaining the integrity of the design and compliance with the requirements.
    • Assisting the test program as it defines how the system is tested and accepted.
    • Working with the project teams to solve problems and remove roadblocks.
    • Communicating with the customer as the change management needs evolve.
    • Assisting the customer in accepting the system and transitioning to operations.
    • Confirming the value to the business of the delivered system.

Requirements (experience/skills):

  • A University degree or diploma from an accredited institution in Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Science or other relevant discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and experience in systems engineering.
  • Ability to keep the big picture in mind while maintaining a commitment to successful completion within project budget and schedule constraints.
  • Capable of managing scope and dynamically prioritizing many competing, complex and inter-related activities and stakeholders.
  • Able to make technical decisions in consultation and maintain close working relationships with all stakeholders (including customers) throughout a project’s lifecycle.
  • Excellent ability to communicate complex ideas through verbal English, technical writing and presentations to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Possess exceptional leadership and strong interpersonal skills, and enjoy working extensively with clients, partners and project team members, building effective and lasting relationships.
  • A keen interest in continuous learning about the Land Administration industry and the technologies and trends that drive it.
  • Familiarity with GIS technologies is desirable.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits Package

MDA provides competitive compensation and benefits packages for its employees at its many locations. As a member of the MDA team, you and your qualified dependents are eligible to participate in a benefit plan that ensures a comprehensive level of protection for employees and their families through health care plans, disability income protection, life insurance, and other employee benefits. The Company’s retirement plans encourage employees to save for their future with a Company matching contribution in many locations.​


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