Rocket system

Company Details

Rocket development / manufacturing / launch service

Business content

Rocket design development and feasibility evaluation as an integrated system including airframe, range, orbit, etc. Rocket orbit design and flight safety analysis

Application conditions
Those who meet the following qualifications

  • Basic knowledge and utilization ability regarding mechanics
  • Elementary knowledge or willingness to learn about rocket systems

We also welcome those who have the following.

  • Practical experience in rocket system development
  • Experience or ability to define requirements for rocket system
  • Data analysis ability or learning motivation using programming
  • Experience in using FMEA and FTA
  • Daily conversation and document reading/ writing ability in English
  • Management experience Those who have or are interested in the role of management in the future
  • Those who have the desired personality/ cooperation and can achieve results as a team
  • Those who can discover issues independently and carry out work independently
  • Those who can allocate appropriate resources and can carry out business efficiently
  • Those who have a positive attitude to immediately incorporate new knowledge

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