Thermal/Structural Engineer

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Making the universe closer and easier. A future where everyone can reach the universe.

At Interstellar Technologies, we are developing a new rocket with the vision of “making the universe closer and easier. A future where everyone can reach the universe.” Rocket development has traditionally been carried out at the national business level, and although it is a difficult business, we need new colleagues who can carry out the business firmly. We are looking for new colleagues, not rocket expertise or education, but people who are sincere and enthusiastic about their work and willing to try new things. It is important for rocket development to produce results as a team, not to mention being able to perform the tasks required as an individual. It also requires a lot of interaction with people outside the company. It is also necessary to actively work on new knowledge and operations in order to respond to the rapidly changing space industry.


  • Those who have experience in using 3D CAD
  • Those who have basic knowledge about strength of materials
  • Those who can discover issues independently and carry out work independently
  • Those who have a positive attitude to take in new knowledge immediately
  • Those who have cooperation and can achieve results as a team
  • Those who can allocate appropriate resources and can carry out work efficiently

Tagged as: materials engineering, computer-aided design, materials

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