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Understand ispace’s business offers, benefits, and competitive advantages, provide clear explanations, and find business opportunities in your area of ​​responsibility. We plan and plan a series of efforts to make the potential market demand that has been found manifest. On top of that, it is necessary to develop customers and build and maintain long-term relationships.

Key Responsibilities

  • List and prioritize your target customers based on your business strategy.
  • Search for the optimal route to open the gate of the target customer, create a base deck based on the basic customer information, and take action (introduction, seminar, SNS, Cold Call, etc.)
  • Simplify business / financial analysis of target customers and build proposal stories
  • (customization)Identify key persons, decision-making rules, and key agendas within the client company and incorporate them into your sales strategy
  • While involving the customer’s department including engineers, the customer’s payload review status should be timely FB to in-house engineering, and the interface with the lander / rover should be minimized.
  • Grasp the integrity
  • Organize issues to get customers to consider the necessary technical requirements.
  • Be responsible for absorbing customer needs and in-house coordination in creating various technical documents.
  • Flexibly change the viewpoint while watching the customer’s reaction, and draw out client needs and hints from the other party’s mouth)
  • Don’t give up repeatedly, revisit regularly and don’t miss the time. Create human routes for multiple lines, identify the line that sticks most to the other party, consolidate internal resources, and attack
  • It absorbs customer needs and evolves the existing ispace business model (payload service, data service) by involving each internal stakeholder.

Contract business in general:

  • Understand the overall picture and contents of the contract and explain it to the customer. Review the customer’s FB, analyze legal / business / engineering / financial risks, etc., and seek internal judgment.
  • Have a sense of ownership as the owner of the account, escalate to the in-house decision-making body, obtain approval, and surely conclude a contract with the customer

Contract execution business in general:

  • Understand and follow the performance obligations of both parties in accordance with the concluded contract
  • Develop planning for the entire project and agree with members
  • Manage the progress of the customer’s payload preparation status (development status)
  • Immediately and correctly grasp customer needs and convey them to the company in real time without omission
  • Understand the development status and schedule of Ispace and adjust customer expectations
  • Earn responsibly by following the last steps that customer deposits are made to your ispace account
  • Keep track of the situation until the end of the Ispace mission and adjust customer expectations

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills / Experience)

  • At least 5 years of experience in business development, sales, or related fields. (B2B field)
  • Corporate sales experience in industries such as engineering / advertising / automobile / energy / trading companies
  • Business-level oral and written communication skills in English
  • Experience with MS Office applications (especially Excel and PPT)
  • Being able to be self-reliant, well-structured, and able to carry out work with an emphasis on results

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills / Experience)

  • Be open-minded and have a personality that values ​​teamwork
  • Those who have sales experience of engineering products
  • Experience of team sales for corporations

Please attach both Japanese CV and English CV when you apply for this position.

Please attach English CV when you apply for this position. (Japanese CV is optional)

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