SCM Manager

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Main responsibilities

  • Purchasing specifications creation work, contract negotiation work, contract work related to procurement of parts, modules and components (including subsystems and systems if possible) from domestic and overseas suppliers
  • Equipment lease contract business with test / manufacturing equipment owners, technical support business with specific technology owners
  • Supplier management (progress status, delivery date confirmation, etc.) after contract with supplier
  • Coordination work with suppliers and internal parties related to acceptance inspection when receiving products from suppliers
  • Management work with knowledge of import regulations when procuring products from overseas suppliers (especially from the United States)
  • Must have knowledge of Japanese export control business
  • General department management and personnel management as a boss

Required skill

  • Have at least 5 years of work experience and knowledge in the SCM work shown below, especially for artificial satellite systems or similar projects.
  • Have at least two years of experience in personnel management work as a manager or leader (assuming a so-called general SCM group consisting of a general manager, chief, and person in charge).

Welcome skill / Preferred skill

  • Being able to communicate in English with people from different cultures. (Intermediate Business English or above based on telephone conferences in English, reviews of English contracts, etc.)

Tagged as: progress status, delivery date confirmation, import regulations

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