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Key Responsibilities

  • Supporting structural and thermal design efforts for spacecraft system development, including
  • Lander and other transportation system elements
  • Perform structural and / or thermal computational analysis to design the structural components of the lander
  • Completion support for component design specifications and design reviews
  • Preliminary design support for trade research, materials, components, manufacturing process selection, design verification, etc.
  • Test preparation for test plans, reporting, analysis of test data, and JIG design support for component and system testing.
  • Supports the construction of thermal models, performs thermal analysis and predicts the temperature of engineering and flight models.
  • Thermal testing and associated heater and sensor location design.
  • Evaluate non-conforming materials from a design and analytical perspective and create a report.
  • Detailed design and support for Lander systems for structural, thermal, and operational performance.
  • Testing support, including rapid prototyping, hardware assembly, integration, and navigation to test sites.
  • Maintain proactive coordination between teams, balance and achieve project goals.
  • Report to team leaders and group managers.
  • Maintain proactive coordination between teams, balance and achieve project goals.

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills / Experience) 

  • Bachelor of Science and / or Master of Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering
  • Over 3 years of experience in designing aerospace or aviation applications
  • Knowledge of thermal design and analysis
  • Experience in space environment tests such as thermal vacuum tests
  • Extensive experience with CAD software packaging and drawing
  • Familiarity with thermal desktops for thermal analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, organizational skills, communication skills
  • Attitude to adapt to change with speed and learn new things
  • Positive attitude, team players, strong responsibility for their work

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills / Experience) 

  • Familiar with Solidworks, FEmap, NASTRAN (or equivalent) software packages
  • Knowledge of space flight hardware or equivalent mechanical design, material selection, and manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD & T) and stack-up calculations for drawing tolerances (such as RSS)
  • Experience in new industrial development projects in aerospace or aviation
  • Over 1 year experience of lead team

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