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Expand our Planet. Expand our future

Join the team as an engineer to develop lunar exploration technology for the future.

We are looking for someone with extensive experience in mechanical design of spacecraft propulsion systems.

Engineer to join its team and develop tomorrow’s lunar exploration technologies.
The ideal candidate

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with subsystem teams such as Structure, Thermal, GNC, Avionic, and AI Tu to guide Lander’s propulsion design to a consistent system since M1.
  • Support of the promotion team from a technical point of view. The promotion team validates the analysis and model, provides actionable feedback and revision plans, and intervenes alternative approaches into technical tasks as needed. Create relevant technical reports and obtain stakeholder approval.
  • While looking at the feasibility of the project, we propose practical applications such as trade-off research, selection of materials, components, and manufacturing processes, and support the promotion design efforts of spacecraft system development.
  • Find technical conflicts beyond the subsystem level and come up with solutions through subsystem and system level discussions.
  • Supports the creation and / or maintenance of spacecraft propulsion system related documents such as subsystem requirement specifications and subsystem design specifications.
  • Safety support related to FMECA, launcher requirements, and propulsion systems.
  • Helps complete design reviews by closing action items.
  • Leading manufacturing, procurement, hardware assembly, integration, testing, and launch operations related to propulsion systems. A business trip may be required.
  • Evaluation of component level and EPM testing associated with the propulsion subsystem.
  • Coordination with suppliers as needed.
  • Create operational plans and input to other subsystem teams for avionics, thermal, GNC, and missions.
  • Report to team leaders and group managers.
  • Lead the building of strong teams that communicate effectively within the team.
  • Maintain proactive coordination between teams to balance and achieve project goals.
  • Collaborate with other sub-system teams of Structure, Thermal, GNC, Avionic and AIT leading the lander propulsion design to a consistent system for M1 and after.
  • Support the propulsion team with technical point of view. Validate analysis and model in the propulsion team, provide hands-on feedback and modification plan, and intervene those technical tasks as showing a better alternative approach if necessary. Prepare the related technical reports, obtaining the approvals from the stakeholders.
  • Support propulsion design efforts for spacecraft system development with proposing practical applications such as trade-off studies, material, component and manufacturing process selection while watching the feasibility in the project.
  • Find technical conflicts beyond the sub-system level and lead a solution through sub-system and system level discussions.
  • Support the creation and/or the maintenance of the spacecraft propulsion system relevant documents such as sub-system requirement specification and sub-system design specification.
  • Support FMECA, launcher requirement and the range safety related to the propulsion system.
  • Support the completion of the design reviews with closing the action items.
  • Lead manufacturing, procurement, hardware assembly, integration, testing and launch operation related to the propulsion system which may include travel to the sites sometimes.
  • Evaluate component level and EPM tests related to the propulsion subsystem. Coordinate with suppliers if necessary.
  • Prepare operational plan and input to other sub-system teams of Avionics, Thermal, GNC and Mission.
  • Report status and issues to the team lead and the group manager.
  • Lead to build a strong team with effective communications in the team.
  • Maintain proactive coordination between the teams to balance and achieve project goal.

Basic Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Science and / or Master of Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering
  • Over 3 years of experience in designing propulsion systems for rocket, spacecraft and satellite projects
  • Extensive experience in drawing CAD software packages and propulsion components and jigs
  • Extensive testing experience with propulsion engineering models
  • Experience in new industrial development projects in the aerospace field as a propulsion design engineer
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, organizational skills, communication skills
  • Attitude to adapt to change with speed and learn new things
  • Positive attitude, team players, strong responsibility for their work

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Familiar with Solidworks, FEmap, NASTRAN (or equivalent) software packages
  • Knowledge of space flight hardware or equivalent mechanical design, stress analysis, material selection, and manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD & T) and stack-up calculations for drawing tolerances (such as RSS)
  • Knowledge of pressure drop analysis using dedicated pressure drop software
  • Knowledge of plumbing standoff selection, propulsion component bracket design and plumbing
  • Familiar with spacecraft propulsion system build verification procedures

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